Fall Cruise Deals

Well-informed travelers already know that summer is peak season for just about every form of travel there is. Many cruisers prefer to sail during the hot summer months, so cruise lines know they can get top dollar for cruise tickets. During the fall and winter months, however, the crowds are all but gone and cruise lines do whatever they can to attract travelers. This means competition between cruise lines is fierce and discounts are plentiful.

During the months of October, November, and through the 21st of December, discounts on cruises are everywhere. Cruisers can expect to save 25 percent or more on cruises on major cruise lines such as Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean. Cruises to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska are on the menu as well as cruises to exotic locations aboard top luxury cruise lines such as Cunard and Costa Cruises. Luxury cruise lines such as Costa and Cunard travel to exotic locations such as the Egypt and Dubai for prices as low as $619 for seven nights in November!

In addition to slashing prices for the fall, most major cruise lines offer discounts for booking early and even fore booking last minute. Early booking discounts can help you save an additional 15 percent or more. Booking late can help you save a whopping 75 percent. Cruise lines offer last minute cruise deals during the last several weeks or so before the departure date. The reason for this is cruise lines would prefer not to sail with empty cabins. So, to fill those last few cabins before the departure date, cruise lines are willing to slash prices to make sure the cruise is booked solid.

Just a Few Fall Cruise Deals

Frequent fall cruise deals are available on cruises to Alaska, Europe. The Caribbean, Mexico, California, the Bahamas, Panama Canal, and Transatlantic cruises. For example, cruises may travel with Carnival cruise lines for les than $70 per day during the fall months, specially if you book early. Additional discounts are available for individuals age 55 and over. And on Norwegian Cruise Line, guests may choose from 109 itineraries from Alaska to Panama Canal. Guests can sail to the Bahamas for less than $400 (inside room) or take a 24-day Transatlantic cruise for $2,119 (inside room). That’s roughly $88 a day to see Copenhagen, Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and Ponta Delgada.

Other Ways to Save

Whether you plan to cruise during the fall months or any other time of the year, booking your travel through a discount booking search engine could help you save even more. To get started, visit any of the discount booking search engines below.


Tip: Fall foilage cruises are one of the best fall cruise deals around. Local fall foilage cruises can start at as little as $20 per person, while While longer cruises such as MSC Cruises seven day cruise from Quebec to Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, and New York, costs around $739 per person. This price has already been slashed by 50 percent.

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