Fathom Impact Travel Cruises to the Dominican Republic

Want to make a difference on the planet while enjoying the beauty that it has to offer? Think about taking an educational and exciting journey to the Dominican Republic with Fathom Impact Travel. Fathom Impact Travel is a cruise line that offers voyages for those who like to volunteer, expand their cultural awareness, and get conversations started in terms of how people from different parts of the world can work together to bring about positive change.

Why cruise to the Dominican Republic with Fathom Impact Travel? The Dominican Republic is a country where 40 percent of people live below the poverty line, and it’s a place where Fathom partnerships can make a difference in those who are in dire need.

Cruises to the Dominican Republic with Fathom Impact Travel

Take a cruise to the Dominican Republic and experience great beauty while you get a better understanding of people in need. Do you know that more than three million residents of the Dominican Republic don’t have access to piped water, a basic that many of us take for granted? Furthermore, the average household income in the Dominican Republic is less than $6,000. When you visit this naturally gorgeous, but mostly poor country, you’ll have opportunities to help people of the Dominican Republic that don’t get to experience the conveniences that those in other countries do.

While the Dominican Republic is in great need of help, what’s fortunate is that the country has a fairly strong infrastructure, which means that companies like Fathom Impact Travel can partner with community development organizations in the area to assist in addressing Dominicans’ needs. Fathom’s primary impact partners, IDDI and Entrena, have long-established ties in the Dominican Republic  (especially in the northern region), which makes it possible for Fathom Impact Travel cruisers to help local residents.

How Can You Help by Cruising?

Some of the ways that you can help people in the Dominican Republic, by cruising with Fathom Impact Travel, are through Student English Learning programs, community-driven Local Entrepreneurship initiatives, Creative Arts & Sports recreational programs, and Rainforest and Environmental education. To find out exactly how you can take part in these programs and initiatives, and have a fantastic time visiting a stunning part of the world, visit the Fathom Impact Travel website.

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