Fethiye to Olympos Cruises

Fethiye to Olympos or Olympos to Fethiye – no matter which way you come or go, this Turkey cruise is an experience you will never forget. While bigger cruise ships do travel the coast of Turkey, the best way to pamper yourself and get up close and personal with nature is on a Fethiye to Olympos cruise aboard a yacht or gulet. A gulet, also called “goulette” or “gullet” is a two-masted sailing vessel from the South West coast of Turkey. Modern gulet’s are typically anywhere from 45-115 feet long and they are popular for various types of cruises. A gulet is a great option for those interested in exploring secluded and deserted areas throughout Turkish seas, while engaging in activities such as sunbathing, snorkeling, windsurfing, canoeing, paragliding, diving, and fishing – all from the deck of a handmade gulet or yacht!

When you’re not enjoying water activities or relaxing on the deck of your yacht or gulet, you will have the opportunity to visit famous fishing harbors, popular villages, and even the remains of ancient civilizations. Typical Fethiye to Olympos cruises (or vice versa) are 3-4 days aboard a gulet or yacht that accommodates roughly 4-20 guests in six to eight cabins. Keep in keep in mind that gulet’s are not large ships – so they do not have the modern amenities like most other ships. This is not to say that the ships are not comfortable – but they are more for nature lovers and those who love to sail than those looking for onboard entertainment, spas, and elegant dining options.

What you will find on most gulet’s are very comfortable cabins with en-suite facilities, showers, and hot and cold water. In some cases, the gulet won’t have air conditioning, but every cabin offers a perfect view of the sea. Most yachts will have air conditioning, however, and air conditioned gullets do exist – just ask!

To book a Fethiye to Olympos cruise, check out AlaTurka Cruises. AlaTurka Cruises feature Fethiye to Olympos, Olympos to Fethiye, and Fethiye To 12 Islands cruises. You can choose from 2-night/3-day cruises and 3-night/4-day cruise itineraries. Included in the price are: cabin accommodations, traditional Turkish open buffet breakfast & lunch, BBQ every night, Nargile (water pipe) at night, games, and all snorkeling and fishing gear. Drinks and optional activities such as paragliding and diving are not included in the price. While most Fethiye Olympos cruisers opt for 3-4 day cruises, AlaTurka also offers 7-day cruises. Prices vary depending on season, type of vessel, number of guests, and length of cruise. Rates range from 99 GBP ($196 US) to 255 GBP ($505 US).

Here’s a tip: Prices are typically lower in May and October, and higher in July and August. June and September are slightly lower than the months of July and August.

To book a Fethiye Olympos cruise, visit AlaTurka Cruises. You can also try Bluecruise.org or Sea Gull Yacht Charters. Feel free to contact your local cruise travel agent if you prefer to book through an agency.

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