Find Cheap Cruises from Southampton

Think you can’t find cheap cruises from Southampton? Think again! Like most cruise lines, cruise ships leaving from Southampton are always interested in attracting your business. Why, with 12 million people choosing to cruise each year and literally dozens of worthy cruise lines to choose from, the competition for your bucks is fierce. This is why finding cheap cruises from Southampton should be fairly easy.

If you don’t want to do the legwork yourself, the best thing to do is to contact a cruise travel specialist. A cruise travel specialist will have access to thousands of dirt cheap deals on just about every cruise line available whether you are looking for a family cruise vacation or a luxury cruise. If you prefer to search on your own, in general, there are several ways to find (and secure) cheap cruises from Southampton.

No matter which cruise line you choose, know that all cruise lines prefer passengers that book their cruises way in advance, so you may enjoy special incentives, credits, and cash back just for booking far in advance. If you’re one to procrastinate, you may be rewarded too! If a cruise isn’t booked several weeks or so before the cruise is set to sail, prices are automatically slashed. If you book last minute, you may enjoy savings up to 75%. Cruise lines will do anything to fill up those last few cabins!

Other ways to enjoy savings include: booking off-season, booking with a group or family, taking advantage of package deals, booking online, and booking with popular cruise lines. Some of the most popular cruise ships sailing from Southampton include: Queen Victoria of Cunard Line, Saga Cruises’ Saga Ruby and Saga Rose, Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth 2, and Aurora and Oriana of Britain’s leading cruise line, P&O Cruises. In this case the popular cruise lines listed above may offer the most in the way of specials and deals. P&O cruises, for example, are all-inclusive, meaning, you get great value for money. Accommodations, main meals, and entertainment are included in the price. Additionally, if you book a P&O cruise far in advance, you could save up to 45% off the full holiday fare — this is in addition to a 5% savings when you book online.

Besides special rates for groups and families, just about every cruise line has special rates for seniors. A senior is typically defined as a person who is 55 or older. The only drawback is, to lock in the special rates, you can’t book online. You must call a cruise travel specialist or book directly with the cruise line. Keep in mind that proof of age is required.

To search through a hefty number of cheap cruises from Southampton, and to help save yourself some time by avoiding the search through each individual cruise line’s website, you can visit any of the following popular online booking search engines and they will do all of the work for you!

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