Finding Solitude On A Cruise Ship

Activities, entertainment, and excitement are all reasons that travelers love a cruise. But there can also be a strong desire to decompress with a little quiet time. However, locating that peaceful sanctuary can be challenging. With thousands of other guests exploring and enjoying all that the ship has to offer, it can require some good navigating and solid planning to locate that peaceful place of refuge.

Quiet and Relaxing

Every cruise ship offers guests a fantastic spa experience, but those services do come at an added cost. But what most guests don’t think about are the free features that the spa offers. In almost all cases, there is a sauna, steam room or both, both of which can be enjoyed free of charge by any guest. So enjoy a facial or message if you like and then partake of an extra hour or two of peace and quiet in the gratis areas of the spa. This quiet time is certain to rejuvenate both your mind and body so that you are ready to go enjoy the more active experiences of your cruise.

Enjoy a Good Book and a Quiet Retreat

Another feature that many guests are unaware of is the ship’s library. The spaces are often tucked away far from the hustle and bustle of other common areas and provide a very luxurious place to relax. In addition to books, there are often board games, magazines and even DVDs that can be borrowed during the cruise. Check out a detailed map of your ship or ask a staff member to direct you to this quiet space to enjoy a read or to simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

Pass on a Day in Port

Enjoying the attractions and culture at the ports along your journey can provide great experiences and rich memories. But chances are that most of the guests on your ship and all of the other ships in the port are going to flood into that small area. So relaxation and quiet are not going to be found. But with everyone exploring a spot on shore, you will find that there are very few people rattling around on your huge ship. Relaxation can be found indoors and out as the population onboard drops significantly when the ship is docked. Schedule this time to explore what are normally very busy areas or to just sit and enjoy the open air without sharing it with hundreds of other passengers.

Adults Only Secret Decks

Many ships offer a few adults-only outdoor areas to allow grownups a place to relax, reflect and recharge. Some of these decks will be listed on the ship’s map while others might be some of the best-kept secrets that only the staff can direct you to. It is also important to remember that cruises with a family or child-friendly theme often have several adults-only places to relax and enjoy some quiet time. Just ask a staff member where to find your slice of heaven and, if you have children, please be respectful and abide by the adults-only request.

Enjoying all of the features and events on a cruise can be exhausting. So be sure to locate a quiet area that you can escape to for a few hours of relaxation before returning to the fun and frenzy of the main decks.



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