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Finding Some Sweet Treats On Your Cruise

Many people will book an all-inclusive cruise knowing that there are just some things that they are not going to be able to give up for the duration of their cruise. One of the big revenue streams for many cruise ships is the coffee shop. And in reality, there are often many coffee shops located throughout the ship. But these shops are not offering complimentary lattes and espresso. These are the Starbucks look-alike shops that are, if you can believe it, even more expensive than their trendy land-based cousins. But what most passengers don’t know is that they do offer some things for free!

Unlike the coffee shop near your office that has a case full of overpriced desserts, the sweets and pastries at the onboard coffee shops are normally free. And even more amazing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune for an overpriced espresso to get a slice of cheesecake, pie or an amazing pastry. So if you are too full after dinner to enjoy dessert, just wait until later and stop by the coffee shop for a free snack. And in some cases, a cup of house-brewed coffee is also free.

Another stop to grab a sweet snack is more obvious, but then again, maybe not. The ice cream stands actually offer more than just ice cream. You can stop by the ice cream shop or stand and ask for just a cup of candy topping. This is a far better option than heading to the gift shop to pay $5 for a bag of M&Ms or a candy bar when you are craving something sweet.

And finally, if you are cruising on Princess, Holland America, Celebrity or Disney the room service is still free. You will find a menu in your cabin which should include meals, snacks and of course desserts. The only hitch here is that you need to order before the service ends for the night if you are looking for a snack before bed.

Cruise ships are known for their fabulous food and the large portions that they serve to passengers. So most guests never have the chance to enjoy dessert after a large meal. But there are still several ways to enjoy the amazing desserts and treats offered on a cruise without spending a fortune for something that is prepackaged. Enjoy your cruise and your vacation and enjoy a sweet treat now and then as well.

Finding Some Sweet Treats On Your Cruise
Article Name
Finding Some Sweet Treats On Your Cruise
There are still several ways to enjoy the amazing desserts and treats offered on a cruise without spending a fortune.

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