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So, you already know all about discount cruises, and through plenty of experience and lots of trial and error, you have even figured out how to find killer deals and the absolute lowest cruise prices on the market today. But what about free cruise vacations? Have you ever heard of them? This is something that you may not think is possible – but guess what? Free cruise vacations are possible if you know the right questions to ask and where to look. First, here’s a bit of information about today’s competitive cruise industry.

Millions of passengers around the world choose to cruise each year and the cruise industry is considered the number one vacation category in the United States and Canada. Why? Cruises offer more than just one opportunity to explore one place. Depending on destination and the length of cruise, you will visit several, and in some cases dozens of different ports of call – some historic or rich with nightlife, others are exotic and filled with opportunities to snorkel, animal watch, or relax on a pristine beach.

Depending on the cruise line, you can expect to travel to popular destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii or romantic and exotic destinations such as Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Bermuda, and Europe. Exotic destinations that are also popular for romance and adventure include: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Costa Rica. This list of destinations represents some, but not all of the exciting cruise destinations on the menu.

Some of the most popular cruise lines in the industry today are Silversea Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Line. Some are designed with the affluent in mind, while others are designed with couples or families in mind. Whatever type of cruise line you choose or whatever destination suits your fancy — there are several honest ways to score a free cruise vacation.

If you haven’t heard about it yet – cruise lines love it when passengers travel in groups. In fact, they will offer a deeply discounted rate, slash prices by nearly 75%, and they will even offer a free cruise for every 5th, 8th or maybe 10th person in your party – this number varies greatly from cruise line to cruise line. So if you want to organize a family reunion cruise, a church cruise, a work cruise or even a small singles cruise – you are almost guaranteed at least one free cruise.

Much like airlines’ frequent flier programs, many cruise lines have “frequent cruiser programs� of their own. In these cases, the passenger simply has to sign up as a member, and for every two to three cruises, the passenger will receive a free cruise! These frequent cruiser programs are common on luxury cruise lines and there are usually no fees to join.

Some free cruise vacations are offered as incentives through travel agencies and other types of companies. In addition, many websites will try to lure potential users to their websites by offering free cruise vacations through various contests. Simply put — a cruise vacation happens to be the most popular type of vacation giveaway in the world! So if a travel agent, company or website asks if you would like to enter into a drawing by simply providing your email address – do it. You just may be the next lucky winner of a free cruise vacation!

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