Gaming & Technology Cruises

Cruise lines from Carnival to Silversea routinely host technology and gaming themed cruises. Whether you’re interested in chess or a host of technology seminars, yes, most cruise lines can accommodate your weirdest whims. If you are not familiar with theme cruises, here’s a bit of background on this popular trend in cruising. Theme cruises highlight a specific activity or interest, making it the focal point of an entire cruise itinerary. Offered on vessels of all sizes, theme cruises can be created from just about any activity, interest, group or desire, meaning cruise lines are open to just about any theme as long as it is not obscene.

While no reasonable theme is out of the question today, the following list represents only a fraction of the types of theme cruises on the market today.

50’s Sock Hop
Art, Epicurean/Food Wine
Big Band/Swing
Booze Cruises
Bridge Tournaments
Broadway/Theater at Sea
Cartoon/Action Figures
Classical Music/Opera
Country & Western
Family Reunion
Gaming & Technology
Health & Fitness
History/Cultural Heritage
Maya Equinox
Motivational/Self Improvement
Murder Mystery
Natural History/Ecology
Nude Cruises
Pearl Harbor
Personal Finance
Polka/Square Dancing
Rhythm & Blues
Silver Screen/Hollywood Film Festival
Solar Eclipse

Some of the top cruise lines for theme cruises include Crystal Cruises, Cruise West, Clipper Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, and Holland America Line (HAL). Not only does Crystal Cruises offer technology, jazz, golf, film festival, health, and food & wine theme cruises, these cruises typically travel to exciting places such as the Caribbean and places like Monte Carlo, London and Aspen. Cruise West features a variety of food & wine theme cruises and Clipper Cruise Line highlights educational themes (technology included) and military theme cruises, to name a few. Carnival Cruise Lines is popular for games and casino themed cruises and Holland America hosts a number of gaming cruises focused on games such as Chess.

Whether you are interested in spending days or weeks at sea surrounded by technology types, casino fans, or chess champions, many cruise lines offer set dates for these types of theme cruises, so feel free to book directly through the cruise lines. If you are interested in creating your own special theme cruise, most agents can help you through the planning process.

A great place to start your search for theme cruises is features a lengthy list of cruise lines along with each cruise lines’ list of theme cruises, dates available, and destinations.

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