Glacier Bay Cruises

Glacier Bay cruises and Alaska glacier cruises are some of the most popular types of Alaska cruise adventures on the market today. While there are a variety of different ways to explore Alaska’s endless number of magnificent glaciers, such as by helicopter or even by kayak, there’s no better way to get up close and personal with Alaska’s massive glaciers than by hopping aboard an Alaska glacier cruise. Fortunately, an Alaska glacier cruise is much less intense physically than any other type of glacier tour as most glaciers can be seen from the comforts of your warm, cozy stateroom or from the deck of your supersized cruise ship.

Alaska glacier cruises are also the most affordable and easiest way to tour Alaska’s icy behemoths, while providing passengers with the opportunity to tour other natural wonders such as cascading waterfalls and even wildlife.

Passengers aboard Alaska glacier cruises will witness massive chunks of ice shearing off the side of a glacier, then crashing into the water as well as a wide variety of moving wildlife such as 2,000 pound sea lions scurrying about on rocks and sea birds circling below 13,000 foot snow capped peaks.

Passengers on deck will also observe hump back whales peeking out of crystal clear Alaskan waters which are considered to be just as pristine as they were 1,000 years ago. When passengers aren’t snapping pictures of gleaming glaciers or listening to the sounds of crackling ice, they are busy capturing porpoises on film swimming past the vessel at speeds faster than just about any Alaskan cruise ship. Sea otters, harbor seals and even mountain goats amidst big blue icebergs are also amazing sites waiting to be captured on film. The opportunities for sightseeing aboard an Alaska glacier cruise are virtually limitless.

Because Alaska has more coastline than any other place in the United States, it could take weeks, even months to see it all. However, most Alaska glacier cruises are designed to highlight some of the most amazing sights along Alaska’s coastline during exciting half day and full day tours that won’t disappoint. The majority of Alaska glacier cruise passengers will see more natural wonders and marine wildlife in one day, than they will see in an entire lifetime.

For passengers cruising Alaska aboard larger ships, seasoned Alaska glacier cruisers claim it’s well worth it to hop aboard a smaller tour boat to really hear the sounds of Alaska’s glaciers and get closer to Alaska’s sealift and nature.

A great place to start planning an Alaska glacier tour is Kenai Fjords Tours. Kenai Fjords Tours features a wide variety of standard, custom and deluxe tours ranging from a few hours to full day (9.5 hour) tours. They also feature an overnight option allowing passengers to book a room at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge on Fox Island, a remote island in the middle of Resurrection Bay just outside of Kenai Fjords National Park.

To browse through options, book a cruise or learn more about Alaska glacier cruises, visit Kenai Fjords Tours at or call 877-777-4051.

Some of the top Glacier Bay cruise lines include: Crystal Cruises, Lindblad Expeditions, Princess Cruises, Holland America (HAL), Carnival Cruises, Cruise West, and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). To book a Glacier Bay cruise, just locate any of the cruise lines websites by clicking here and log on to begin the booking process.

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