Great 2023 Carnival Cruise Line Itineraries

We won’t fault you if you’re already thinking of the 2023 cruise season. Carnival has plenty of itineraries that you can look forward to. At the moment, the status of the industry in 2022 looks a bit shaky, so it may make sense to book cruises for next year. It’s not too early in the year to be thinking about the future! To help you get excited, here are three cool 2023 itineraries from Carnival ranging from cheap and quick trips to adventures that are a bit more exciting.

The Bahamas from Miami, FL

A cruise vacation doesn’t need to be a major outing that requires you to take time off from work and away from your family. It can just be a short weekend jaunt to paradise, if that’s what you’re looking for. (And we have no idea why you wouldn’t be looking for that. Because it’s awesome.) There are multiple departure dates on this cruise throughout 2023, so you can pretty much just plan it for whenever works for you. And the best part? It’s very affordable at just $161. You start in Miami, spend a day in Nassau, and then return. Need we say more? We needn’t, but if you do wanna check out the details, head over here.

Europe from London (Dover), England

Want to spend a week cruising around Europe and taking in beautiful, historic sights? Yeah, we do too. It’s actually a pretty reasonable goal, too! This itinerary from Carnival departs on September 10th, 2023 and lasts for nine days. From London, you’ll visit various amazing locales around Spain and Portugal before settling at Rome. Travelers from the U.S. will need to arrange flights to London and from Rome, but that shouldn’t be too challenging. And for such a magnificent nine day cruise, the starting price of $774 isn’t bad at all. Read more on Carnival’s site.

Canada and New England from Baltimore, MD

This is a cruise that isn’t going to be for everyone. Not only is it in a relatively underrated location (most American cruise travelers head south rather than north), but it’s also definitely a commitment. This itinerary lasts for two weeks and starts at $1999. Still, you really get a bang for your buck. You’ll visit unbelievable locations like Nanortalik and Qaqortoq, small communities that are actually a part of Greenland. This is one adventure you certainly won’t forget. Just remember to save up some time off from work. Check it out here.

The rest of Carnival’s 2023 calendar can be viewed here. Take a look if you’d like to see your other options!

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