Group Cruises

One of the best things about opting for a group cruise instead of an individual cruise is that group rates are typically some of the best rates around. Every group from church or affinity groups and business organizations to wedding groups or family reunions can enjoy a cruise at an incredible group cruise rate.

If you’re not too sure if your party falls into the group cruises category, consider this: cruise lines define a group as having a minimum number of double-occupancy cabins, usually around 8, but sometimes as few as 3 cabins or up to 15. So if you have as few as 6 guests in your group, you’re eligible for a special group cruise rate.

Great group rates and discounts for group cruises are typically available throughout the year on a number of leading cruise lines including Carnival Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, to name a few. Because just about every cruise line under the sun offers group cruise deals, finding a cruise line to accommodate your party size is the easy part. Finding the right cruise line to match your unique theme, style or group preferences—well that can be a bit challenging.

Depending on your group cruise “theme,� you will certainly require features and options specific to what your group is trying to accomplish. For instance, if you’re booking a corporate group cruise, you may opt for a vessel that offers the ultimate in business features such as meeting or conference rooms, video conferencing, state of the art audio-visual equipment and full Internet access. In many cases these features are free of charge.

One of the leaders in corporate group cruises is Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean ( has been recognized by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for its excellent corporate programs and onboard business facilities.

Royal Caribbean is also a leader in wedding cruises. This luxury cruise line sails to some of the most scenic and romantic destinations for weddings in the world such as the Panama Canal and the Caribbean as well as Hawaii and Mexico. Wedding groups may enjoy discounted rates for even the smallest wedding party. To book a vacation cruise with Royal Caribbean simply visit their website ( or call a Royal Caribbean vacation planner at 1.866.562.7625. Royal Caribbean vacation planners are available 8 a.m. to midnight (EST) seven days a week. How’s that for convenience?

For group cruises consisting of family vacationers, family reunions or even birthday or anniversary parties, most cruise lines are well equipped to customize these types of group cruises. With so much entertainment and an abundance of onboard activities to choose from such as rock climbing, golf lessons, live bands, casinos, bingo, spas and swimming, your group members will have no trouble finding a fun activity to suit their fancy.

A great cruise line to look into for group cruises for just about any event is Carnival Cruises ( Not only does Carnival offer limitless onboard activities for groups, they also travel to more than 60 destinations worldwide, so selecting an itinerary to satisfy each group members needs should be a piece of cake! To book a group cruise with Carnival, simply visit their website ( or call 1.888.CARNIVAL.

To ensure a smooth booking process there are a few things to remember. When contacting a cruise line (or agent) to book your group cruise, have your “theme� ready, total number of guests, destination, preferred activities and price range in mind. Also, keep in mind that pricing and stateroom availability are subject to change. By booking each of your group’s staterooms at the same time, not only will you lock in the lowest rate you will also give your group a wider selection of accommodations, including staterooms in close proximity to each other.

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