Holding a Family Reunion on a Cruise Ship

Are you in charge of your family’s reunion? If so, are you looking for a venue for the gathering? Many families are turning toward cruise ships for their reunion, because it offers enough space and activities to keep a variety of people happy. So, consider holding your family reunion on a cruise ship if you want to make sure everyone in your extended family has plenty of fun things to do and a lot of space, should they need it for activities or a bit of alone time.

Benefits of Holding a Family Reunion on a Cruise Ship

If you’re thinking about holding your family reunion on a cruise ship, you’ve got a great idea that’s definitely worth exploring in depth. When families hold their reunions on cruise ships, they most often than not enjoy hassle-free gatherings that young and old enjoy tremendously.

When attending a reunion on a cruise ship, family members can have fun getting reacquainted with loved ones in a laid back setting. There are plenty of places to lounge around and talk on cruise ships, such as at the pool or in the dining rooms (which can be reserved for private functions in many cases). And, there are tons of ways that family members can bond over activities like by playing games of basketball or rounds of mini golf. On some cruise ships, you can even arrange for parties in ballrooms and special games in a reserved section.

Of course, if you ever have enough mingling for a day and want to escape for some private time on your family reunion cruise, there are plenty of places to do just that. No one should fault you for slipping away to the spa or the gym to refuel, even while you’re on a family function. We all need some alone time once and a while, and a cruise ship can provide this for you.

Costs of Holding a Family Reunion on a Cruise Ship

Family reunions on cruise ships can be a lot more affordable than people realize. In some cases, they’re even cheaper than reunions held in land-based venues. When contemplating the cost of a family reunion cruise, think about the fact that there’s much value to be had for your dollar on a cruise ship. Not much planning needs to go into an event held on a ship, meals are usually provided, activities are almost always included, and accommodations are already paid for.

How to Plan a Family Reunion on a Cruise Ship

When planning a family reunion on a cruise ship, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

  • Someone should be designated the “Family Reunion Cruise Planner”
  • The family should come to a consensus on location, length of cruise, cruise line, and maximum dollar amount for voyage
  • Deposits for each cruiser are usually required
  • Cruises will typically need to be paid for up front
  • You’ll want to plan your cruise about one year in advance of your reunion
  • Do send out invitations about a year ahead of time
  • Consider letting everyone plan for their own airfare

This is not a comprehensive list of the steps necessary to plan a family reunion on a cruise ship, but it’s a start. For more help, you should contact the cruise line you’ve decided to sail on and ask about the possibility of getting staterooms grouped together, planning special activities for your group, and having a designated point person from the cruise line to assist with the entire reunion process. After you’ve put all of your plans into motion for your family reunion at sea, it’s time to relax and enjoy the experience of sailing with your beloved relatives.

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