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Holland America Line (HAL) is a company that operates cruise ships. Because it operates cruises, it is often called “Holland America Cruise Line” or “Holland America Cruise Lines,” although strictly speaking neither is accurate. It is also called “Holland American Line,” which is also incorrect. The company, which is now headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has adopted the motto “A Signature of Excellence.” Like Princess Cruises, it is owned by Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise company in the world.

Holland America Line utilizes midsize cruise ships (all the ships weigh between 55,000 and 82,000 tons) and is known for their award-winning cruises. The service offered by Holland America Line is enhanced by an impressive crew-member-to-passenger ratio: there is nearly one crew member for every two guests. Holland America Line’s cruise ships have large wraparound decks and numerous private verandas, so there are many panoramic views available to passengers.

All of Holland America Line’s cruise ships have recently undergone “Signature of Excellence” improvements to their staterooms and public rooms. The enhancements are part of a larger “Signature of Excellence” program, which was implemented to upgrade existing rooms on-board and to add entirely new features to the ships. For example, new venues and staterooms were recently added to four cruise ships – ms Statendam, ms Ryndam, ms Veendam and ms Rotterdam – and a fifth, ms Maasdam, will be similarly updated in 2011. (“ms” stands for “motor ship,” for the record.) Some of the general new improvements include completely renovated bathrooms, as well as the addition of new carpeting and soft goods. To date, Holland America Line has spent almost $600 million implementing “Signature of Excellence” enhancements.

Holland America Line offers cruises of different durations that go all over the world, from Alaska to Hawaii to South America. You could book an eighteen-day transatlantic cruise to Europe, or you could take a seven-day voyage to the Caribbean, to list only two of many different cruise itineraries available to those who book a cruise with Holland America Line. The cruise line also offers several “Grand Tours,” which are longer voyages that visit numerous destinations, often very many destinations. For example, there is a 112-day Grand World Voyage that literally sails all over world.

To find out more about the cruise itineraries and the many on-board amenities offered by Holland America Line, visit the company’s website here:

Holland America Line

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