How The Cruise Industry Will Change in 2020

The cruise industry is set to have some big changes in 2020. This is following a year like 2019 where a ton of new advancements were made, both big and small. On the very big end, we saw 24 new ships entering service, something that completely changed cruises for passengers and insiders in the industry. There were plenty more options to pick from, and growth was happening for a ton of companies. Also on the big end: travel to Cuba via cruise ship was banned! On the smaller side, we saw lots of cool technological advancements, cruise lines committing themselves to more eco-friendly machinery, companies doing charitable acts and all kinds of other exciting news (the first rollercoaster on the ocean was announced, which is pretty cool).

In 2020, things promise to get even bigger and more exciting. There are lots of trends being predicted for the year. First and foremost is, of course, new ships being added, with two entirely new brands to look forward to: Virgin Voyages and the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. The Ritz-Carlton line will be particularly exciting for the luxury market, as they aim to enter with a ship that is dedicated to high class living with a high crew-to-passenger ratio. Ten new expedition style ships are also slated to appear in 2020 with brands like Hurtigruten and Lindblad. This means more ships are headed to crazy, off-the-beaten-path areas, something that we couldn’t more excited about!

On the industry side, cruises are predicted to become even more worldwide in 2020. China has seen some growth in the past year, as well as India, and many are saying that India will see even more. It’s cool to think of cruises leaving from these places, or even more cruises heading to ports in new countries. The industry expanding will give more options to passengers, which has a ton of potential.

One of the trends we are most looking forward to playing out even more in 2020 is the so-called “green push.” Lots of cruise lines started to become more aware of the environmental effects of the industry in 2019, and it seems like this will continue on in the new year. Norwegian Cruise Lines just recently announced that it will be getting rid of plastic bottles aboard their ships, and liquefied natural gas powered ships are hitting the seas for the first time in 2020. Zero emissions is a goal for some in the industry, as well. This is something that grows with importance every year, so it’s apt that the cruise industry is coming around and gaining steam (so to speak) in this area. Eco-friendly cruises will be needed if the industry keeps expanding, so let’s see it!

While 2019 was plenty exciting in the cruise world, 2020 is shaping up to be bigger and better. If you’re interested in the changes that this year holds, stay tuned into our humble site, All About Cruises and More, for regular updates!

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