How To Book a Singles Cruise

If you are single and want to take a cruise, you might consider taking a singles cruise. Only singles take them, so everyone on board is theoretically available, making singles cruises excellent for meeting other people without partners. This is, of course, the appeal of singles cruises to people who are single. But how do you book a singles cruise? Is booking a singles cruise different from booking any other sort of cruise? To answer these and similar questions, we wrote this article to explain the ins and outs of booking a singles cruise.

Before booking a singles cruise, you of course want to know what singles cruise you want to take. In any given year, there are a couple of dozen or so singles cruises to choose from, so you’ll want to look through the available singles cruises to decide which one is right for you. You’ll want to consider which part of the world you want to leave from (and also how difficult and/or expensive it might be to travel to this port), where you want to sail to, how long you want your cruise to last, and so on. You’ll also want to make sure that you only look at cruises that are appropriate for you. Some singles cruises are only for people who are over a certain age (e.g., 40), so make sure you are aware of such restrictions before attempting to book any cruise.

Fortunately, many of the websites that supply lists of singles cruises (sites like, as well as the “singles cruise” section of websites like also allow you to book cruises directly through them, either by entering information into the site or by calling a toll-free number. You could also determine which singles cruise you want to take and then book your trip directly through the cruise line that is offering it. For example, you’ll find lots of singles cruises offered by Carnival, and instead of booking your cruise on a singles cruise site (where you’ll likely find the Carnival cruise), you could contact Carnival directly and book your cruise through them. However, unless you are able to get a better deal by working directly with the cruise line that offers the singles cruise (because of, say, some cruise rewards program that you belong to), it is often easiest to simply book through the site on which you find the singles cruise. The website makes the process particularly easy. You look through a list of singles cruises, pick the one you like, select your accommodations, enter personal details and payment information, and then you’r all set up.

If you have a travel agent, he or she could also help you book a singles cruise. Cruise lines and websites like work directly with travel agents all the time. Some people think travel agents are unnecessary middlemen because it’s so easy to book vacations online; however, agents can definitely be of assistance, not only because you don’t have to deal with any of the booking yourself, but also because they can often find even better deals than those that are advertised online.

So, booking a singles cruise is basically like booking a regular cruise. There are a few different sites you can use to find singles cruises, and you can book your cruise directly through these sites. It couldn’t be simpler.

For more information, check out our article on which singles cruise is best for you, and you might also read up on what you can do on a singles cruise.

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