How to Book Cheap Mediterranean Cruises

By now, regular readers will have noticed our recent preoccupation with cheap Mediterranean cruises. A Mediterranean cruise is about as close as you can get to a perfect vacation, and the cruise will be doubly good if you can get it at a discounted rate. So we consider them a worthy topic to dwell on, and as a consequence we have covered such topics as the cruise lines that offer cheap Mediterranean cruises and the destinations that can be visited on a cheap cruise in the Mediterranean. However, we have yet to explain how to book a cheap Mediterranean cruise (or “cheap Med cruise,” to use the common abbreviation), a gap that must be filled in case we have persuaded readers to buy a ticket to sail on the glorious Mediterranean Sea.

As is so frequently the case, the best place to start when searching for cheap cruises is one of the cruise-deal sites, like Travelocity or CheapCruises (among many other possibilities). As long as you have some flexibility in your cruise preferences, you are virtually guaranteed to find at least a few deals for Mediterranean cruises. There are simply too many possible cruises offered by too many competing companies for this not to be the case. This will become clear when you start searching the deal sites, and we use the word “sites” deliberately. Even if you’ve come to use one site over the years, it is always worth it to search a few of them. You may not find much of a difference between prices (in fact, this will probably be the case the majority of the time, at least in our experience), but it only takes a few extra minutes to search a couple more sites, and you never know what a little more searching will turn up. And no matter what, you can book confidently if you search around, as it’s very likely you didn’t miss some incredible deal. You’ll start to notice patterns in the prices after searching several sites, and it should be clear when you begin to zero in on the cheapest options. When you find your desired cruise, booking couldn’t be easier – you just fill out the online form with your details and preferences; there is nothing else to it.

Perhaps, however, you are committed to using one particular cruise line – you love their service and you don’t want to take any risks with an unknown cruise line, and if you’re a repeat customer, you might even get some extra discounts. While this will of course limit your options, you should still be able to find some discounted cruise because so many different cruise lines offer discounted voyages on the Mediterranean. The biggest cruise lines, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, offer tons of different Mediterranean cruises, many of which can be found at discounted prices, and the same can be said of several of the cruise lines owned by their parent companies. (Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean are conglomerates whose namesake cruise lines happen to be the biggest of their respective groups’ ship operators.) There are also a number of other cruise lines, unconnected to the two cruise giants that operate Mediterranean cruises, that can be booked at a discounted price. Obviously, not every cruise line in the world offers Mediterranean cruises, but a large percentage of the major ones do. So, even if you want to book a discounted cruise with a particular cruise line, which you could do on their website or over the phone, there is a surprisingly good chance you’ll be able to.

Now, two notes before we conclude. First, the likelihood of finding a Mediterranean cruise will depend on the season in which you want to book it. The most cruises are offered during the summer – this is the Mediterranean’s prime cruising season – so there are more possible vacations that might be discounted. On the other hand, demand is highest for cruises during this season, so cruise lines won’t struggle as much filling their ships (which is one of the primary reasons discounted cruises are offered). Consequently, the off seasons (late spring and early fall) are often a good time to look for cheap Mediterranean cruises. Cruise lines are offering them and the flow of passengers to the Mediterranean won’t be as great. During either time, though, discounted cruises will be advertised. Second, we like to always mention the possibility of working with a travel agent. Obviously, they make the entire booking process extremely easy (that is one of their greatest assets), but they can also find some incredible vacation deals due to their industry knowledge and contacts. You’ll likely have to pay a little bit to benefit from their services, but you might be able to ultimately save money using an agent if they can secure you a great deal.

However you want to book, though, it won’t be a challenge. You’ll either fill in an online form or talk to a cruise representative on the phone – both very straightforward processes – or else an agent will handle the entire process for you. If you want to take a cheap Mediterranean cruise, they are out there to be had, and the booking process should not stop you.

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