How to Get a Deal on Business Class Airfare to Your Cruise Port

Business class seats on planes are not only popular with people flying for work. Those who just want more comfort when they’re in the air often choose business class, like cruisers heading out for a relaxing vacation.

Who wouldn’t want to get perks you can’t get in coach? But, all the benefits of flying business class typically come at a steep price. If you know how to score a deal, however, you can get cheap business class airfare and travel in style. Your flight to your cruise port can be a luxury one, or at least better than one that makes you feel like a sardine in a small can.

Why Fly Business Class?

Business class cabins on most airplanes usually offer upgraded food, more power port and charging options, fully reclining seats, and tons of space compared to what’s available in coach cabins.

How to Snag Business Class Fares for Cheap

By remembering just a few tips for getting deals on business class airfare, you can travel to your cruise destination for a fraction of the cost of a standard business class ticket.

Become an Elite

 Many airlines upgrade their most loyal flyers to business class. You can earn elite status in a couple of ways. Either fly tens of thousands of miles in a year, or use travel rewards credit cards to become an elite flyer. The rewards programs on many branded airline credit cards allow you to accrue elite qualifying miles (EQM’s) that bump you up to elite status when you fly for your cruise or any other reason.

Upgrade Your Miles

If you’re already using travel rewards credit cards and have tons of miles accumulated, you can often buy upgrades to business class with the standard miles you’ve already earned. The value associated with the miles you’ll spend to upgrade, and the cash upgrade fee you might be charged, is usually much less than purchasing a full-fare business class ticket.

Check for an Upgrade at the Airport

Sometimes, airlines will let you upgrade to business class for cheap when you get to the airport. Discounted rates for business class travel are possible if the airline has the room, so call your carrier about 6 hours before flight departure or inquire when you’re checking in. Last-minute business class airfare deals are frequently found on Virgin Atlantic and Italy’s Alitalia.

Watch for Sales

If you have a bit of time before your trip, you can watch for sales on business class airfare. Often, airlines will offer discounts on non-refundable business class air tickets, and these deals get you into a premium seat for a fourth of the price of a refundable ticket, or less. Occasionally, a business class airfare will be slashed just because an airline wants to beat competitor’s rates.

These are just a few ways you can get a great price on business class travel for your next cruise. A few others include looking for travel dates that are off-peak and volunteering to be bumped from a crowded flight in exchange for an upgrade to business class on another (only try this if you have a few days to spare before your cruise ship departs).


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