How to Get a Job on Cunard Cruise Lines

Cunard Cruise Lines has been in the cruise travel industry for a century and a half. This historic luxury cruise line is home of the infamous Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and the latest edition, Queen Elizabeth. Each vessel features grand ballrooms, salons, fine restaurants, and outstanding service. Because Cunard caters to the wealthy and sophisticated set, the line only hires the most skilled and the most sophisticated staff and crew.

Jobs on cruise ships will fall under several categories: Activity/Entertainment Department, Deck & Engineering Department, Service & Hospitality Department, Personal Care Department and Office Positions.

Jobs on cruise ships in the Activity/Entertainment department are considered some of the most glamorous jobs aboard the ship. These positions deal with anything relating to passenger entertainment. This department includes: DJs, Production Managers, Photographers, Managers, Casino Staff, Host/Hostess and Cruise Consultant, to name a few. Those best suited for jobs in this department are typically enthusiastic and extroverted.

The Deck & Engineering Department is one of the most important departments on the vessel –without it the ship would never set sail. This department is responsible for maintaining and running the vessel. Please note that the positions in this department are not typically entry-level positions, especially on large ships. The department consists of deckhands, maintenance workers, engineers, and officers. These positions help to motor or sail the ship, attend to the physical maintenance needs of the ship, and keep it in accordance with fleet regulations and international maritime laws. Officers are in charge of passenger safety as well.

Staff members in the Service/Hospitality Department or Hotel Management Department have the responsibility of managing the bars & restaurants and passenger cabins, as well as shipboard retail concessions like gift shops. Just a few Service/Hospitality positions include: Hotel Manager, Cabin Stewards/Stewardesses, Accountant, Executive Chef, Wine Steward, Chief Purser, Purser Staff, Chief Purser, Bellman, Pastry Chef and the list goes on and on. Most service positions such as bartenders, waiters and cocktail servers can earn a good amount of extra money from tips.

No cruise would be complete without a department devoted to helping passengers pamper themselves. The Personal Care Department includes spa, fitness, beauty and medical services. It helps manage hair stylists, manicurists, massage therapists, fitness instructors, beauty therapists, spa attendants, nurses and physicians all dedicated to the well-being of passengers.

Most office positions are onshore — employees typically work in the main office performing administrative tasks, arranging cruises or performing general office tasks. Office positions generally fall under the following categories: Accounting, Administrative/Clerical, Air Operations, Marketing/PR and Reservations/Sales.

To get started with the application process, visit Cunard Cruise Lines OFFICIAL website at Click the employment tab at the bottom of the page. Search through listings to find a position or positions that match your background and skill set. This is very important. Top cruise lines like Cunard only hire the best, so don’t waste time applying for a cruise director position if your skill set is better suited to an administrative position. Next, follow the application procedure to the letter. Applicants that do not follow directions are typically passed over in favor of those that do. The Cunard Cruise Line Employment website states:

-For shipboard opportunities please apply to the positions specifically advertised under shipboard recruitment.

-For Corporate/Shore based positions please follow the advice under this link.

So be sure do just that and you will be well on your way to competing for one of Cunard’s coveted positions. Good Luck!

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