How to Get a Job on Discovery Cruise Ships

The first step to getting a job with one of the Discovery Cruise Ships is to go to the company website and do some research. Companies are usually more interested in job applicants who have done their homework and know not only why they want to work or a particular company, but how they will fit into the company culture. Job applicants need to understand how their skills will benefit an organization as well as the opportunities an organization has for advancement in their chosen field. If a company believes a job applicant has the intention or desire to spend years with a company, they are more likely to be considered since a great deal of money is spent on training new employees.

Once you have researched Discovery Cruise Ships, you should be able to discuss various aspects of the company in a cover letter or interview. The research will also give job applicants an understanding of the different positions available on the ships in addition to any jobs that are listed in the employment section.

Job postings are generally listed on the main website There are positions on the ships and in the corporate offices. To learn what positions the cruise line is looking to fill, you may choose to contact the company directly.

To learn about positions on the ship, you can email any or all of several different departments: [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]. You can also write directly to Disney Cruise Line, 1775 NW 70th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33126, USA, or you may choose to call the administrative number for the cruise line: 305.704.0900 or 305.718.9623. The list of current employment opportunities can be accessed through the employment link at the bottom of the company’s Contact Us page.

When contacting the company, job candidates will want to be specific in the type of work they are looking for as well as the reasons they desire to work for Discovery Cruises. Simply wanting to travel is not generally going to be a very convincing reason to get hired. Most people who work for cruise lines want to travel. However, it is important to remember that you are applying for a job and it is work. It is also useful to include any previous experience or training that is relevant to the position you are looking for in your application, cover letter, resume or email when contacting the cruise line.

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