How to Stay Excited about Cruising While You Wait for Cruises to Become Safe Again

While it depends on where you live, it’s likely that cruises are currently not safe in light of the pandemic. Some signs indicate a slow return to cruising, such as the CDC shifting their No Sail Order to a Conditional Sailing Order. But that doesn’t change the fact that most cruise travelers are sitting at home, bored as can be. If you’re someone who has been yearning for a cruise over the past few months, don’t despair. There’s still plenty to do that can keep you busy while you dream of that fresh ocean air.

Plan a trip

Okay, this one sounds obvious, but what better way to deal with the No Cruise Blues than to plan a cruise? Planning a vacation can often be just as fun as actually going on one. You can research foreign countries, explore different cruise line options, and pick out your dream itineraries all from the comfort of your home. If you’re really in a planning mood, you could also go ahead and book a cruise for some time in the future that you would feel comfortable travelling again. Having a cruise booked a year (or even longer) in advance can be great. It both gives you something to look forward to and lets cruise lines know that you’re excited to support them.

Explore your own local area

It might not be a cruise, but why not explore your local area? It’s probable that we’re all going to be stuck in our current locations for a while. You may as well make the most of it and become super familiar with your area! A lot of the time, our urges to travel come from getting tired of seeing the same things all the time. But you don’t need to travel too far to see something new. You might find that your wanderlust-filled soul is at least a bit satiated by visiting a new corner of town, testing out a new hiking trail, or going for a scenic drive. Does it beat a cruise? No, but try to think of it as its own type of mini travel. Just make sure to be safe!

Sample some digital cruise content

Okay, fine, you want to take a cruise. We get it. If you live in an area that isn’t allowing cruising currently, the closest you can get to the real thing is digital cruise content. Several cruise lines have set up their own digital cruise hubs that give you a taste of the cruise experience from your own home. Additionally, let’s not forget old, reliable Youtube! There are lots of great cruise channels out there, ranging from vlogs to informational videos. Cruise with Ben and David, a vlog channel, even uploaded their experience on the recent SeaDream 1 cruise in the Caribbean.

We aren’t quite at the point where cruising is safe yet, but try to be as patient as possible. Cruising will still be there for you when all isa said and done!

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