How to Support the Cruise Industry Amid Coronavirus

Figuring out how to get money to your favorite businesses during a pandemic is tricky business. There are a few solutions out there, though. For instance, a local restaurant can be supported by ordering take-out or delivery. But for businesses that require you actually being there, it’s not quite as easy. Travel agencies and the travel industry, particularly cruise lines, are hurting financially right now and need a bit of help – but how can we do so? There’s that whole thing happening right now that completely prevents us from hopping on a cruise…. Well, if you want to help out some of these companies that are currently worrying about how to stay afloat, here are some great methods.

Do your research

The first step to take if you want to help out the cruise industry right now is to look into who needs it the most. It’s not like we can just click a button to toss money into the industry as a whole and hope they distribute it fairly to those companies being hit the hardest. Instead, we have to do some of our own research. Many cruise lines are struggling, but some are doing alright, which is something to take into account. You may also want to look into the business practices of which company you plan to support. For example, some CEOs are forgoing salaries in order to help out their employees, while others aren’t. Some companies are investing in sustainable energy solutions for future ships, while others aren’t. If these are things that matter to you, try to find a cruise line to support that aligns with your own ideals so that you can feel like you are shaping the industry in a positive way.

Book a cruise!

No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Booking a cruise doesn’t mean you have to hop on it tomorrow (which, isn’t possible, first of all, and is definitely not recommended, second of all). You can schedule a cruise vacation years in advance – the further out you’re looking, the higher the odds are that coronavirus won’t affect your booking. This is the easiest way to shoot some money to cruise lines while getting something awesome in return. Plus, it’ll give you something to look forward to for when the pandemic is over! We’ve covered the pros and cons of booking a cruise right now over here, so check that out if you’re a bit wary of the idea.

Gift a cruise

The same principle from above applies here, but you get to feel like you’re brightening someone else’s quarantine in the process, which is a great thing. You could even consider booking a cruise for you and a friend, which would be another great solution. It’s obvious, but booking a cruise not only helps out the cruise industry on a financial level, it also shows them that the demand and the love for this type of travel is still there – we’re all just in limbo at the moment.

Check out online cruise portals

Several companies have invested some time and effort into developing online cruise hubs, and we’re really into them. They build community while offering you a slew of unique, educational and fun content. It’s not a cruise, but it still gives that same feeling of discovery and culture that cruises are known for. Using these sites won’t hurt your wallet, and it shows the cruise lines that you care about them and can’t wait for them to return. This is a great option for those who are being careful with their funds right now, and you’re bound to find some content on these sites that will brighten your day.

It’s hard to say what the future of the cruise industry looks like, but we’re optimistic. If you have the money or time, consider supporting your favorite cruise line using some of the above ideas!

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