Jake Cruise

Jake Cruise is an adult website that is currently produced by Jake Cruise Media. Jake Cruise Media currently produces a wide selection of adult videos and adult websites targeted towards the gay community, particularly gay men. Established in 2002, Jake Cruise Media is 100% gay owned (by Jake Cruise) and it is backed by the Free Speech Coalition (founded in 1991).

Fair warning, Jake Cruise adult websites and adult videos are extremely explicit and to some, they may even be disturbing. The Jake Cruise adult website has made every effort to warn viewers of the nature of the website and exactly what to expect. It makes it clear that you must be 18 years or older to access the website. In fact, the main Jake Cruise website states that:

“This is an adult-oriented website containing sexually explicit, hardcore photos and videos of naked young men masturbating and performing gay sex acts. Leave this site immediately if you are under 18 years of age or live in a locality that prohibits access to sexually explicit photos and videos of nude young men masturbating or of young naked men having gay sex, oral sex or anal sex. Otherwise, click the ENTER button to experience all of my original and exclusive content!”

The Jake Cruise website also makes it clear that:

“This site is fully Section 18 compliant. All of the young nude men on this site are over the age of 18 years. The naked young men who masturbate or perform gay sex acts, both oral sex and anal sex, on this site are actors who may or may not be gay men. Some of the actors are straight young men and some are young bi-sexual men.”

On the site, in addition to viewing several free “previews” of material from amateur photos to amateur videos, you can become a member, access other photos and videos (for a fee), take a free tour, and inquire about becoming a Jake Cruise model or request an audition to participate in a Jake Cruise video. Visitors can also access (free) information and articles about AIDS, HIV, and safe sex. The Jake Cruise website also features an online video store. The list below represents the video stores’ main categories and following the category list is the official Jake Cruise bestsellers list.


Jake Cruise Singles
Cruise Collections
Straight Guys Singles
Straight Collections
Massage Series
Bareback Collections
Bareback Singles
John Summers

Bestsellers List

1. Nick – SG Single DVD
2. Michael Von Steel DVD
3. Nick II – SG Single DVD
4. Ethan Bareback DVD
5. Nick Jacobs – SG Single DVD
6. Michael and Jake Single DVD
7. Johnny Castle (Brock) – SG Single DVD
8. Ethan – SG Single DVD
9. Paco – SG Single DVD
10. Michael and Ethan Single DVD

Jake Cruise Media is located in Los Angeles, California. You can reach Jake Cruise Media toll free at 866-478-1597 or if you live in the Los Angeles area, you can call 818-761-7035

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