Job Objective Tips for Jobs on Cruise Ships

One of the first things employers and HR departments notice on a resume is “objective.” The objective lets the employer know what type of position you are looking for. A good job objective will catch the employers eye and make it easier to place you.

The first tip for creating an objective that will help get your foot in the door is to be specific about the position you want. According to a personnel director at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, its easier to place an applicant when he knows what position you’re interested in. It’s even easier when you name a department or team, such as “cruise staff.” While it is important to let the employer or personnel director know what position you are interested in, it is also important to make your objective broad enough so as not to exclude you from jobs.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), recommends asking the following questions when determining your job objective:

1. Why am I the best person for this job?
2. What do I have to offer the employer?
3. How am I qualified for the position?
4. Which of my skills and aptitudes are best suited for this job?
5. With whom do I want to work?

The best way to match your goals with cruise line opportunities is to browse through cruise line profiles by visiting the Ships and Cruises Directory at You can also pick up a copy of How to Get a Job With a Cruise Line and browse through job descriptions and “Job Descriptions from People on the Job.”

The following are examples of concise job objectives from the Job Employment Guide and

Below are some sample resume objectives that you can use in your resume writing:

-A transportation logistics position with the US government that
calls for strong analyzing, planning and organizing skills.

-A Programmer or systems analyst position using quantitative and mathematical training. Special interest in marketing and financial application.

-A sales representative position in pharmaceutical industry that effectively uses chemistry background and marketing skills.

-A position that effectively uses analytical skills in wastewater management to improve prospective employer’s environmental operations.

-A challenging job in an industrial setting performing chemical syntheses and characterizations; the ideal position will offer diverse tasks and the opportunity to work with a team.

-To obtain a position as an Elementary School Teacher in which a strong dedication to the total development of children and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized.

-Position as a Word Processing Secretary that will utilize my computer knowledge, strong people skills, organizational abilities, and business experience.

-Teacher’s assistant with a commitment to providing dynamic instruction that fosters child development. Currently pursuing bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from New Jersey College.

-These resume objectives are all concise, but in the mean time, they all mention what the candidates can offer and what they are looking for. These are the key points of an effective resume objective.

Other important components of a eye-catching resume for cruise ships jobs include a detailed list of relative employment experience, talents and skills, awards, honors and association memberships, professional references, detailed identifying information, and a personal cover letter introducing yourself. Unlike other jobs, cruise ship jobs prefer resumes with a photograph. Your photograph should be simple, current and professional. Dress as you would for an interview. Include a head and shoulder shot and a full body photograph. Good luck!

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