Kemer Kekova Cruises

Planning a cruise to Turkey? If so, you should plan to take a day or several days to hop aboard a small ship to explore the islands and waters of Kemer and Kekova on a Kemer Kekova cruise.

Kemer is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is a district of Antalya Province with an area of roughly 24.8 square miles. This seaside resort features numerous sites, popular for both beauty and history. You’ll find numerous bays and villages as well as interesting caves, mountains, and rock formations. Kemer is also home to historical sites such as the burning rock of Greek Mythology Chimaera, and the ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos. You will also find remains of antique Idryos, and a hunting lodge as well as a Byzantine Church.

The island of Kemer itself is quite festive and filled with beaches, bars, and restaurants as well as art exhibitions, boat races and even a carnival. The island hosts a series of summer concerts that attract big names in the pop industry as well as world-famous DJs such as DJ Tiesto. Kemer attracts an interesting mix of tourists from all over including the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia.

On the opposite end of the spectrum (as far as activity goes) is Kekova. Kekova is a small Turkish Island near Ancient Antiphellos or Kas. This uninhabited island has an area of roughly 2.79 square miles.

The best way to explore the beauty of these islands is on a Kemer Kekova yacht cruise. Kemer Kekova yacht or boat cruises allow the passenger to get up close and personal with these exciting islands and culture as the larger ships just can’t reach certain areas. There are several popular Kemer Kevova yacht cruise companies to choose from including: Blue Cruise, Europa Yachting, and Olympos Yachting. Possibly the most popular Kemer Kekova cruise provider is Olympos Yachting.

Olympos Yachting is the winner of the Trade Leaders’ Club New Millennium Award (2007) and Winner of the International Top Quality Customer Satisfaction Seal (2007). Olympos offers literally dozens of Turkish yacht cruises, including Kemer Kekova cruises, ranging from Economy and Standard to Superior and Luxury. You can also select from a list of boats including a ferry boat, a catamaran, a motor yacht, or a bareboat cruise. Blue Cruise features Turkish cruises aboard a traditional Turkish Gulet, and Europa Yachting offers a wide variety of yacht charters including full, bareboat, or cabin charters.

You can opt for a short cruise lasting up to several hours, or a longer cruise lasting up to seven days or more. On longer cruises, you will spend several days sailing and several days on excursions or activities such as snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, swimming, or sunbathing during a stop at a scenic bay.

Pricing for Kemer Kekova cruises vary depending on season, cruise line, length of cruise, accommodations, number of guests, and type of vessel. Prices for Kemer Kekova cruises tend to be much lower between mid-May through the end of June and mid-September to mid-November. Prices typically include accommodations, meals, and harbor taxes. To book a Kemer Kekova cruise, you can visit any of the popular Turkish cruise companies listed above or you can contact your local cruise travel agent.

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