Learn About MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside is a new generation of ship from MSC Cruises and it’s an innovative vessel in the world of sailing. With revolutionary architecture and leading-edge technology, she is the first ship in the MSC fleet to be christened in the United States. MSC Cruises, an Italian luxury cruise line, sails Seaside year round from Miami.

Passengers sailing on MSC Seaside have an extensive range of exemplary outdoor spaces to luxuriate and gather in, which makes it an ideal warm-weather vessel. MSC Seaside is ultra modern too, so many cruisers will likely spend much of their time in the public gathering spaces outside and inside.


MSC Seaside offers a host of restaurants, from a casual buffet to many high-end dining establishments. There is something to suit every passenger’s tastes and preferences including Kosher, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. While sailing MSC Seaside, consider eating at the buffet if you want the freedom to pop in for an early morning meal, mid-day lunch, hearty dinner, or late-night snack as you see fit. The ship’s main restaurants offer a combination of walk-in and reservation dining, and they feature menus filled with Mediterranean and International delights in casual or luxurious settings.

Bars and Clubs 

You’ll want to take your time exploring every aspect of a cruise on MSC Seaside, which can include visiting one of the ship’s thrilling bars and clubs on every night of your cruise. Bars and clubs on Seaside provide great wines, craft beers, classic and modern cocktails, and even decadent coffee drinks – and many of them offer dancing. MSC Seaside features a local bar selection in several of its nighttime hotspots that gives cruisers a taste of the region’s best libations.

Fun in the Sun

Sailing MSC Seaside gives you plenty of chances to enjoy the sunshine and the views that are all around your ship. Stay on the main pool deck to relax, away from the bustle, and go for a swim if you want or lounge the afternoon away in a chaise.


While many of the spaces cater to adults, kids sailing MSC Seaside can have their share of cruising adventures by playing in the ship’s large water park. The Aquapark on Seaside is the largest and most technologically advanced water park at sea, combining slide boarding tech features with interactive games.

Fitness and Spa Services 

MSC Seaside offers a sports court for those who like to stay active. There is also ample room on the ship’s decks for running and jogging.


When sailing MSC Seaside, make sure you take the time to visit some of the outdoor areas and lounges that offer live music and entertainment. Musical acts and entertainers rotate, but there is always some sort of performance to attend on a given day at sea.


As you enjoy a cruise on MSC Seaside, there will be activities to discover like shopping at a range of boutiques in an on-board Mediterranean village.

Along with perfect decks and rooms for lingering on and in, MSC Seaside features like a waterfront promenade that wraps around the ship and is lovely for late-night strolls. Guests sailing MSC Seaside have panoramic sea views to enjoy from elevators and so much more to luxuriate in while en route to the Caribbean.

MSC Seaside

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