Are Luxury Cruises Really Worth the Price?

Luxury cruises are some of the most desired trip options out there. But are they really worth the price? It’s no secret that luxury cruises are quite costly. If you’ve never been on one before, you might be wondering what that extra money really gets you. Here’s a look at the amenities that make luxury cruises so luxurious.

Better accommodations

The most affordable rooms on a popular Royal Caribbean itinerary cost only a fraction of what you need to pay for a room on a luxury cruise. Is there really that big of a difference in the accommodations? Actually, yes. The average room on a luxury cruise is far bigger and more comfortable than what you might be used to. Many luxury cruise lines skip interior rooms entirely and only offer oceanside and balcony rooms. They typically make sure that everything in the room is as magnificent as possible. It’s the small details that really add up: the curtains are better, the toiletries are fancier, and the lighting feels much more natural. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the bedding that is offered on luxury cruises. Seriously, the rooms on a regular cruise versus those found on a luxury cruise are like night and day.

The extras that you get for free

Yes, you are paying more for a luxury cruise than you would for other travel options. But, in some ways, you’re actually getting a good deal when you book one. The initial price is steep, but you end up getting a lot of things for free. If you’re someone who typically pays for extra amenities on a cruise, it’s possible a luxury cruise could even save you money. You’ll most likely get free drinks, free food at all restaurants, free shore excursions, and more.


Let’s face it: one of the main draws of luxury cruises is that they are more exclusive. But that doesn’t mean that they are solely for bragging rights. Exclusivity can be a great thing while travelling. Luxury cruises let you avoid the crowds of other popular cruise lines, and you will likely go to destinations with fewer people. You will also be given access to exclusive events both on and off the boat while on luxury cruises.

So, are luxury cruises really worth it? That’s hard to say. Every traveler will inevitably have a different opinion, but we believe that there are multiple reasons why luxury cruises can be a great choice.

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