Make Great Family Memories on a Christmas Cruise

People love holiday traditions but sometimes that constancy can feel stifling. In those cases, perhaps a Christmas cruise can restore eagerness and excitement by presenting the holiday in a new light. Cruise ship companies typically up their game during the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, leaving no part of the ship untouched by holiday magic. It’s a great way to make memories together as a family. Some cruise lines with great Christmas cruises include Carnival, Celebrity, and Cunard.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

From evergreen garlands, ribbon bunting, strings of colorful lights, and brightly decorated Christmas trees, nearly all public areas of the ship are bedecked in fine holiday décor. On-board boutiques may be dressed up like Christmas markets. Ship-board stage productions take on holiday flair, with music and stories with Christmas themes.

In addition, each day’s activities are planned with special holiday activities in mind. Perhaps Santa will make an appearance, or children will be invited to an ornament-decorating workshop. Enjoy carolers, pictures with Santa, choir performances, and in some cases, some magical snowfalls aboard the cruise ship!

The Best of Christmas Without the Hassle

Cruising through the holidays means no one has to worry about making a grocery shopping list, buying all the ingredients for a big Christmas meal, and spending all day in the kitchen while the rest of the family enjoys gift-giving and togetherness. There’s no travel, no traffic, and no clean up. Christmas dinner menus are typically quite varied. They may include common favorites as well as regional dishes and exotic menu items. There’s something for everyone, from the most die-hard traditionalist to the most adventurous eater.

The Christmas Cruise Has Only One Challenge

The only obstacle most families face in taking a Christmas cruise is delivering gifts aboard the ship when Santa still needs to come for little ones. In these cases, parents may designate one suitcase as the “sleigh”. They may tag that bag with a ribbon so that they know this is where the Christmas presents are and don’t open that suitcase in front of the kids. Depending on other travel regulations that may be in place, some families need to pack unwrapped gifts. In that case, bring wrapping supplies, too, so that gifts can be wrapped on board. And don’t forget any critical items that for your family, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without – for example, Christmas stockings.

While taking a Christmas cruise isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, for some families, it’s a great way to expand their appreciation of the holiday and all the ways to celebrate it.

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