Marmaris 4 Days Cruises

Marmaris 4 days cruises also called “Marmaris mini cruises” are cruises that sail the beautiful bays of South Turkey. Visitors to Marmaris will have roughly two-dozen different types of yachts to choose from. One of the most popular yacht charters is Marmaris Yacht Charter. Located in Marmaris, Turkey, Marmaris Yacht Charter is a high-end yacht charter company offering crewed gulet cruises, bareboat monohull charters, and bareboat catamaran charters. Marmaris Yacht Charter also offers skippered or crewed sailing charters that sail from one of the company’s bases. These include: Marmaris, Gocek, Bodrum, Finike, and Karacasogut.

Marmaris features 15 monohulls, 5 catamarans, and a wide variety of gulets. Private charter cruises are available as well as cabin charters and mini cruises. Private charters are perfect for couples, or small groups looking for personalized service, and privacy. Private charters are popular for weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and other special occasions as well. Marmaris cabin charters are perfect for those who do not want to charter an entire gulet. Seven-day individual cabin cruises are available on a traditional wooden sailing gulet, with guaranteed departures during the summer season. These cruises depart from either Bodrum or Marmaris and the route is typically around the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal regions of Turkey

Marmaris mini-cruises are either 4 days cruises or half of the full week cruise with the option join the yacht in Bodrum on a Saturday then terminate at the village of Karacasogut on a Wednesday. Another option is to join the yacht in Karacasogut on a Wednesday and terminate in Bodrum on a Saturday. Marmaris 4 days cruises depart on Saturday and terminate in Fethiye on Wednesday mornings — or the cruise may begin Fethiye on a Wednesday and terminate in Marmaris on a Saturday. You can enjoy the same types of activities on a Marmaris 4 days cruise as any other Marmaris cruise. Cruises feature everything from snorkeling, swimming, and water sports to dining, and shopping.

Marmaris’s gulet fleet features several dozen different types of gulets to suit a variety of tastes, styles and budgets. Marmaris gulets are divided into five different categories including: deluxe gulets, premium gulets, comfort gulets, economy gulets, and low budget gulets. Deluxe gulets feature luxury suites, a saloon, fine cuisine, and spacious decks. There are five deluxe gulets including Ako, Celik Es D, Felton, Felton 1, and Kadir Kaptan. Premium gulets are first class yachts featuring spacious decks, elaborate cabins, fine cuisine, and accommodations for up to 16 people. Marmaris premium gulets include: Peri, Viego Nella Speranza, Maranda, and Roberta. Deluxe and premium gulets are perfect for people with money to burn and those that value luxury accommodations.

Marmaris comfort gulets are a few steps above standard gullets and economy gulets are perfect for groups on a budget that may be interested in the experience rather than luxury accommodations. Low budget gulets are popular with families with children and young groups or students. Marmaris comfort gulets include: Ceyda 2, Okoto, Senerman, Surgun D, and Seheryeli. Economy gulets include: Ani, Prenses Begum, and Sener. And finally, budget gulets include: Aylin, Celik Es and Yilmaz 1.

Rates for Marmaris 4 days cruises vary depending on the type of vessel, number of guests, type of cruise (private or cabin), season, and itinerary. For more information about Marmaris charter cruises, visit the Marmaris Yacht Charters website or call +902524172278. You can also contact your local cruise travel agent.

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