Marmaris Gulet Cruises

Before we discuss Marmaris gulet cruises – here is a brief description of a gulet. Although Gulet’s can also be found sailing all around the eastern Mediterranean, a Gulet is actually a two-masted sailing vessel from the South West coast of Turkey. Modern gulet’s are typically anywhere from 45-115 feet long and they are popular for various types of cruises.

Located in Marmaris, Turkey, Marmaris Yacht Charter is a popular high-end yacht charter company offering crewed gulet cruises, bareboat monohull charters, and bareboat catamaran charters. Marmaris Yacht Charter also offers skippered or crewed sailing charters which set sail from one of the company’s bases including: Marmaris, Gocek, Bodrum, Finike, and Karacasogut. Marmaris currently offers several dozen different types of yachts for charter. Cruises sail the beautiful bays of South West Turkey.

Marmaris’s gulet fleet features several dozen different types of gulets to suit a variety of tastes, styles and budgets. Marmaris gulets are divided into five different categories including: deluxe gullets, premium gullets, comfort gullets, economy gullets, and low budget gullets. Deluxe gulets feature luxury suites, a saloon, fine cuisine, and spacious decks. There are five deluxe gullets including Ako, Celik Es D, Felton, Felton 1, and Kadir Kaptan. Premium gullets are first class yachts featuring spacious decks, elaborate cabins, fine cuisine, and accommodations for up to 16 people. Marmaris premium gullets include: Peri, Viego Nella Speranza, Maranda, and Roberta. Deluxe and premium gullets are perfect for people with money to burn and those that value luxury accommodations.

Marmaris comfort gulets are a few steps up from standard gullets, and economy gullets are perfect for groups on budget looking more for the experience than luxury accommodations. Low budget gulets are popular with families with children and young groups or students. Marmaris comfort gullets include: Ceyda 2, Okoto, Senerman, Surgun D, and Seheryeli. Economy gullets include: Ani, Prenses Begum, and Sener. And finally, budget gullets include: Aylin, Celik Es and Yilmaz 1.

Marmaris gulet cruises are typically 7-night voyages featuring everything from snorkeling, swimming, and water sports to dining and shopping.

The following cruise itinerary can be found on the Marmaris Yacht Charter website.

Day 1: Arrival to Marmaris, settlement in yacht, staying on yacht after dinner.

Day 2: After first breakfast of our tour, dream journey starts through Ekincik. Arrival to Dalyan, a Caria city, supposedly founded by son of Mietos passing through a nature wonder water canal by small troughs. The city Carries an antique value by its stone tombs, acropol castle, antique theatre and church complex and besides this city shows a natural beauty with caretta-caretta turtles. If you wish to swim and to have mud bath this tour is extra charged. Day ends in Ekincik bight with a delicious dinner as usual.

Day 3: Because of wavy cape that is needed to be crossed yacht sails earlier than other days. Our yacht will cast anchor for breakfast in Manastir bight by lace view. We guarantee that you will have a wonderful day in this nature wonder bight where you can have water sport activities. Then yacht will cast anchor twice in a bight around here for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: On the fourth day of our tour you may visit Telmosos renowned of Oracles, fruits grown by Telmosos in antique era as you wish or you may go to Ölüdeniz by bus via highway. Dinner is served in a quiet bight.

Day 5: After breakfast you will be able to swim in enchanting beauty of Batikhamam, cruising Göcek bights and at the same time viewing the beauty of villages and bights. The five tea is served in a quiet bight. The night will be reserved completely for a dinner in Göcek

Day 6 : Early in the morning, a trip to Baba Island starts. Breakfast will be in a bight on route. Lunch will be at Baba Island through noon. We are sure that you will not be tired of sea sports and entertainment. Tiredness of day will be slipped away on the board of the anchored yacht in Baba Island .

Day 7: 7th day of your trip will continue en route to Kumlubük and Turunc — old fishermen villages close to Marmaris. After swimming or snorkeling, arrival to Marmaris.

At this last night you will have shopping opportunity at the same time. Dinner on the yacht will end this 7 day trip.

Day 8: After breakfast, it’s time for checkout.

Marmaris gulet cruise prices vary depending on gulet type, season, etc. Rates may range from $40 per day for budget gullets, up $700 a day for comfort gullets and possibly several thousand for luxury gullets. For more information about Marmaris gulet cruises, visit the Marmaris Yacht Charters website or call +902524172278. You can also contact your local cruise travel agent.

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