Mediterranean Cruise

There are more than 2,000 islands in the Mediterranean. This means that you will find dozens of ports of call on the menu with most Mediterranean cruise lines. This means that no matter where your Mediterranean cruise takes you, you will always have a variety of remote and popular places to choose from. While a Mediterranean cruise is very popular among the wealthy and well-traveled set, the Mediterranean cruise is becoming popular with couples and newlyweds as well as families looking for a unique family vacation.

A Mediterranean cruise is popular for many reasons. Passengers on a Mediterranean cruise will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with dozens of different cultures. Shore excursions will allow the passenger to get involved with the native language, art and history of any given land. Keep in mind that Mediterranean cruises cover an endless number of destinations/ports such as: Venice, Naples, Rome, Greece, St. Tropez, Barcelona, Morocco, Tunis, Tunisia, Alexandria, Egypt and Haifa, to name a few. Among the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean are: the French Riviera, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the Isle of Capri, Portofino and the City of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Potential passengers can choose from a wide variety of cruise line types including: luxury or budget cruise lines, deluxe or first class and premium.

Luxury cruise liners feature white-glove service and a more formal atmosphere catering to an upscale or sophisticated crowd. Vessels can vary in size from small yachts to large “resort-sized” vessels. Budget cruise liners, on the other hand, are much less informal and laid-back and many people describe them as a “resort at sea.” This casual environment attracts families, small groups of friends, retired couples or individuals or anyone looking for an ultra-casual “come as you are” atmosphere.

First Class liners may feature extras like basketball courts, rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks and other activities not found on regular “budget” liners. Premium liners offer upscale, personal services, luxury spas and fitness centers. Many also feature visually stimulating, expensive art collections and gorgeous atriums. Luxury and premium liners may focus on destinations like ancient cities and tropical islands or places that have an abundance of natural wonders like glaciers and waterfalls. Cruises generally last 9, 10 or 12 days (possibly more) and smaller river cruises may be included as part of a day long excursion.

From budget-friendly Carnival Cruise Lines to luxury Crystal Cruises , just about every cruise line sails to the Mediterranean so you will have plenty of options to choose from. To make it easier, consider the following questions. This may help you choose the right Mediterranean cruise line for you.

·Budget or luxury accommodations?
·Do you prefer a casual or formal environment?
·How many days would you like to cruise?
·How many shore excursions are you interested in? Ports?
·How much would you like to spend?
·Romantic atmosphere or festive?
·What activities are you interested in?
·Where would you like to go?
·Would you like an air and sea package?

The price for Mediterranean cruises varies greatly depending on a number of factors including: type of vessel, destination, itinerary, type of cruise line (budget or luxury), package, etc. While some Mediterranean cruises can be pricey, the vast majority of cruises will include meals, ship transportation, cabin accommodations, entertainment, and most social activities. The price may not include: alcohol, laundry and dry cleaning, shore excursions, gratuities, port charges and extra activities like gambling.

A good place to start searching for a cruise line to match your interests is online. Many cruise lines offer virtual tours, lots of facts and information about their cruise line and cruises in general, itineraries and many feature special online discounts and offers. The best time to book a Mediterranean cruise is during the winter months, which is considered off-season. Temperatures are still comfortable and the crowds are thin. Spring-fall is when most cruises set sail, with the majority during the summer months. Prices are much higher in the summer and crowds are plentiful.

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