New Crystal Cruises 2022 Grand Voyage Replaces World Cruise

Crystal Cruises has just announced a new Grand Voyage for 2022. This comes as a replacement for their previously cancelled 2022 World Cruise, a stunning itinerary that unfortunately was called off due to uncertainties around COVID-19. The Grand Voyage, however, is set to visit locations that are far more likely to stay open in the future. Here are all the details about the Grand Voyage that we currently know, including when booking opens up for the general public.

The destinations

Most world cruises of this length typically hit as many ports as possible, with a majority of the destinations being nothing new to many travelers. The 2022 Grand Voyage, however, is taking a different approach. Christened the “Caribbean Idylls & Mediterranean Masterpieces,” this slower-paced cruise allows guests to take more time at each destination and get more immersed in new cultures. It is set to last 132 nights in total, and it will visit 32 countries. The focus will obviously be in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, with a few off-the-beaten-path destinations mixed in. These include the Cape Verde Islands, Gaeta in Italy, and the San Blas Islands. According to Crystal’s President, “this expansive 2022 Grand Voyage has been artfully crafted to showcase rare ports of call and unique experiences that offer our guests a new twist on even the most well-loved destinations.”

The logistics

Because this cruise is taking the place of the 2022 Crystal World Cruise, preference is being given to guests who had previously booked a spot on that itinerary. They will be given a window of time from September 14th to September 23rd to register on this cruise. The general public will then be allowed to book spots starting on September 24th. One important aspect of booking for this cruise is that there is no requirement to book for all 132 nights. It starts on January 17th, 2022, and is split into 11 segments. Travelers can pick between these shorter sections if they don’t wish (or don’t have the vacation days) to stay on the ship for the entire voyage.

COVID protocols

Guests can expect that Crystal will implement their Crystal Clean guidelines in terms of COVID safety on this ship. You can read about that here. The most important thing to note here is that all eligible guests will need to be vaccinated in order to board the ship. Children under 12 will not need to have the vaccine, however.

Once this itinerary is available for booking, you’ll be able to do so here. Until then, you can follow our lead and just wait in excitement.

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