New Life Mayan Cruise

Want to sail away to the land of Maya? There are many ships that will take you there. But, none of them offer a voyage to the Mayan Riviera like you’ll take on a New Life Cruise.

A New Life Cruise to the Yucatan and Mayan Riviera is an experience unlike any you’ve likely had before. It’s a journey of the heart, mind, and body that’s filled with stunning land and scenescapes, and adventures both on and off ship. A New Life Cruise is part cruise and part holistic expo at sea. It’s a cruise where the activities you’d expect from a Mayan cruise (seeing ruins and snorkeling in the crystal blue Caribbean sea) are combined with spiritual happenings with shamans and healers.

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The Itinerary

New Life Mayan Cruise sets sail from Fort Lauderdale on October 29th, 2015 and returns more than a week later, on November 5th, 2015. It takes place on Celebrity Cruises Infinity, transporting passengers to Cozumel, Honduras, Belize, and Costa Maya, among other locales that are perfect for awakening.

On Infinity, you’ll soak in the spiritual energy of these celestial destinations by participating in sacred ceremonies and meeting with Mayan elders. Your Ports of Call will run from Fort Lauderdale to the Yucatan Peninsula, and the Western Caribbean, allowing you to experience the magnificent Mayan culture and beauty.

You will step foot on pure white sand beaches, rejuvenate in tropical paradises, and connect with Goddess energy on Mayan islands. Your New Life Mayan Cruise will stops in Cozumel, Roatan, and many other magical places. On your New Life Cruise, you’ll have the chance to swim with dolphins in the wild, visit the Chocchoben sacred site, and dip your toes into the Seven-Color Lagoon.

The Agenda

A New Life Mayan Cruise is much more than a typical Mayan cruise. It is a journey to a place on Earth, and within the soul of each passenger, that’s more special than one can imagine. Your New Life Cruise will gift you with the opportunity to listen to awesome speakers and readers, take part in workshops, talk with healers, and examine the inspirational offerings from a variety of exhibitors.

During 8 days of bliss, you will sail into higher consciousness practicing yoga, eating veg food, and enjoying other inspiring activities. A New Life Cruise is perfect for viewing the wonder of the star-lit Caribbean night sky. In fact, on this cruise, you’ll likely find people gathered together, as in years past, keeping eye out for UFOs at Starwatch.

A New Life Cruise is an ideal cruise for those who want to gain greater wisdom, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. If New Life Cruise sounds like a Mayan cruise you want to experience in your lifetime, visit and book your ticket right away. The 2015 cruise, and this year’s sacred ceremonies of the ages, is almost upon us.

New Life Mayan Cruise

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