New Ports for the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection in 2021

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection has announced its 2021 sailings, which includes 50 new ports. For those who haven’t heard, the Yacht Collection is a new luxury cruise line created by (you guessed it) the Ritz Carlton hotel company. Interestingly, the line is currently only one ship, meaning it is not quite a collection yet, but there are plans for two more identical ships to come in the future. The single ship that is available now is the Evrima, which can host 298 guests and will head out on its first sailings in June 2020. Luckily for those who like to plan ahead, these new 2021 sailings are looking great!

In January, there are five different itineraries available, each lasting seven nights. Stops include Aruba, Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico and more. February and March both have two seven-day itineraries, mainly focusing on the same region as those in January. April has three. The first is seven-days and focuses on Bridgetown in Barbados. The second lasts 12 nights and goes to Lisbon in Portugal. The third is nine nights and goes to Lisbon, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. May has three, all seven-nights, with some going to ports such as Nice, Rome, Valleta and Athens.

June has two seven-night itineraries, stopping in Athens and Venice. A nine-nighter in June hits Dubrovnik. There are five itineraries in July (who doesn’t wanna go on a summer cruise!) and they are all seven-nights, stopping at the same ports as the June trips. August has two seven-nights and one eight-night trip, all going to Rome. September has four itineraries, two that are seven-nights, one that is 11 and one that is 12. Here, the ports get a little different: Lisbon to Nova Scotia, Massachusetts to Montreal. October has two 12 day itineraries, focusing on North America. November has one seven-night trip and one eight-night trip, both heading back to the Caribbean. December has three seven-nights and one ten-night trip that will take you through to the New Year in San Juan.

That was a mouthful (or a pageful, I guess?) of itineraries, but they’re plenty exciting! As was probably apparent, most of the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection’s trips are just a week long, making them a nice little vacation from the daily grind. That is, if you’re looking for a luxury cruise, as most of them start around $5000 and climb up from there. But hey, if any of those trips interest you, treat yourself! You can find all of the itineraries over at the Yacht Collection’s tastefully designed website.

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