Nickelodeon Cruise Line

There is no Nickelodeon Cruise Line; that is, no cruise line is actually named “Nickelodeon Cruise Line,” “Nickelodeon Cruises,” or some similar proper noun, nor does the Nickelodeon network operate its own cruise line. There are, however, Nickelodeon-themed cruises, and we suppose that those searching for the chimerical Nickelodeon Cruise Line are really looking for these themed voyages, which are operated by Norwegian Cruise Line. As you’ll see, though, Nickelodeon cruises in some sense a standalone enterprise – a sort of cruise line within a cruise line, if you will – so it is not entirely unreasonable to think of them as if they were a cruise line unto themselves.

To begin, we should note that Nickelodeon-themed cruises are exactly that – they merely have a Nickelodeon component to attract vacationing families. Many of the children’s activities have something to do with a program on Nickelodeon, and Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer stroll around the deck, but otherwise a Nickelodeon cruise is just like any other Norwegian cruise. It is not as if the restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and so on all have something to do with Nickelodeon, and the “freestyle cruising” philosophy that Norwegian is famous for is still in effect. We don’t want talk of the “Nickelodeon Cruise Line,” conceived as a theoretical company, to obscure this basic fact.

That said, Nickelodeon cruises do have a standalone existence from Norwegian. This is seen most clearly in their website, both by what is on it and the very fact that it exists in a form totally disconnected from Norwegian’s main website. The Nickelodeon website, which is operated by the travel agency Family Travel Planners, has an enormous amount of information on it, and you can book directly through the site or by calling its toll free number. Using the site is, in fact, just like using the site of most cruise lines. When you search for a cruise, you select your destination, the ship you want to sale on, when you want to go, and so on, and these criteria bring up a list of possible cruises. Five ships operate dozens of cruises a year during every season, and these vessels sale to destinations all over the globe. Considered in this light, Nickelodeon cruises do seem to be a part of an exclusively Nickelodeon cruise line.

So, once more, there is no established, independent company that goes by the name “Nickelodeon Cruise Line,” but Norwegian does offer a lot of cruises with a Nickelodeon theme. Taken together, these cruises form something like a cruise line; they are a set of voyages to various destinations on a specific fleet of ships, after all, and there is a website separate from Norwegian that is dedicated completely to Nickelodeon cruises. However you want to think of them, though, they are there to be taken, and many of our readers with children might consider them for future cruise vacations.

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