Norwegian Cruise Line and Its “Freestyle Cruising” Philosophy

The Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), formed in 1966 under the name Norwegian Caribbean Line, is a company that operates cruise ships that have an on-board policy of “Freestyle Cruising” (explained below). Based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, half of the company is owned by Star Cruises, which is the third largest cruise line in the world (behind Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises), and the other half is owned by Apollo Management, a private equity investment firm.

Norwegian Cruise Line is perhaps best known for its use of “Freestyle Cruising,” a philosophy that encourages passengers to set their own schedule. In contrast to other cruise lines, there are no set dining times and no assigned tables, and the dress code is relaxed. Moreover, there are more than seven restaurants on every NCL ship, giving passengers even more freedom to create their vacation itinerary.

The concept of freestyle cruising also extends to the activities and accommodations available on the ship. While on-board, families can enjoy pools with slides, spas, and fitness centers. Adults can also attend wine tastings and gamble in the casino, while children can be entertained by a host of youth-centered programs. Norwegian Cruise Line also has a wide selection of rooms to choose from, including more interconnecting staterooms, which are good for vacationing families, than any other cruise line.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruising philosophy is best summed up by their own words, listed on their website: “It’s your vacation, so make sure it’s exactly what you’ve been daydreaming about.” With activities for kids and adults alike, this applies to entire families, as the NLC website is sure to point out on multiple occasions.

Like other major cruise lines, Norwegian Cruise Line sails all over the world. They have cruises that go to the following locations: Alaska, Bermuda, Bahamas and Florida, Canada and New England, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, the Mexican Riviera, the Pacific Coastal region, and the Panama Canal. Every destination has multiple vacation packs associated with it. Voyages start on different days and launch from different ports, and they can last anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks.

Because the voyages offered are so varied, the cruises of the Norwegian Cruise Line differ widely in price. The length and destination of the cruise affects its price, as does the style of room you select (a room with a view of the ocean costs more than a room without one). Norwegian Cruise Line also offers specials – such as last-minute deals – that may also affect the ultimate cost of the cruise.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

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