Odyssey Cruises: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Holiday Cruises

Odyssey Cruises is one of the several companies owned by Entertainment Cruises. It primarily offers dining cruises, which include brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, as well as specialty cruises built around holidays. The ships of Odyssey Cruises can also be chartered for private events, like weddings or business parties. Below we have compiled a brief guide to Odyssey Cruises, explaining what they offer and how you can book one of their cruises.

Odyssey Cruises is almost exactly like Spirit Cruises, another company owned by Entertainment Cruises. They both offer the same range of dining cruises, and the ships of both companies can be rented for corporate or private events. Moreover, Spirit Cruises operates in all the same cities as Odyssey, so they would be competing with each other, marketing almost the exact same Valentine’s Day dinner cruises (to pick a recent specialty cruise), but for the fact that they are owned by the same company. Indeed, the two companies essentially blend together, as when you search for a cruise on the Odyssey website, Spirit cruises are listed, and vice versa. The main difference between the two is that Odyssey only operates in three cities – Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC – whereas Spirit operates in these three cities plus five more.

In each of these three cities, Odyssey has one ship – the Odyssey Boston, Odyssey Chicago, and Odyssey Washington DC. Essentially the same types of cruises are offered in each of the cities, but the schedules can vary. So, to pick a random future date, you can take the “Monument Lunch Cruise” in Washington DC on May 1st, which lasts from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, and in Chicago on this same day, there is “Afternoon Skyline Lunch Cruise” from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. In Boston, however, there is no lunch cruise on this date, but there is a “Champagne Brunch Cruise” from 1:00 to 3:00 PM a couple of days later. Obviously, there are differences between these cruises, but they are fundamentally the same thing: two-hour cruises that feature a meal. On each of these cruises, you’ll be able to “[s]avor the flavors of our Executive Chef’s culinary creations. You’ll love Odyssey’s appetizers, entrées and desserts – prepared fresh onboard every day.” (The same description accompanies each cruise.) The same applies to the dinner cruises and holiday cruises offered by Odyssey in the three cities in which it operates.

To figure out exactly what is available at any given time, visit the main Odyssey website. From here, you can get to the specific pages dedicated to each city, or you can perform a search that specifies your target city right on the main page. Once you make your way to the listings, you can see what’s available, and by each listing is a button that allows you to book a reservation online. If you need help, every page lists Odyssey’s number for your city in the upper right corner, and in this same part of the page there is a button that allows you to open a chat box to talk to a company representative via instant message. The sites are all quite easy to use, and there is plenty of help if you need it, so if there is an Odyssey cruise you want to take, it won’t be hard to book it.

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