Online Cruise Travel Agent

Unless you were fast asleep for most of the 90’s, when some say the World Wide Web began it’s journey into the mainstream, you no doubt realize the intense power of the Internet. You know all too well how quick and easy the Internet makes just about anything such as shopping, gathering information, buying tickets, paying bills, entertaining yourself and yes—making travel reservations. When was the last time you picked up a phone to book a flight? Buy a concert ticket? Make cruise reservations? That long huh?

Convenience is the number one reason consumers opt for using the Internet to do just about everything, but in the case of using the Internet to book a cruise, there are several other reasons to use an online cruise travel agent.

There are so many online cruise travel agents to choose from, it can be a dizzying feat to try and pin down the cream of the crop. Before we list our top online cruise travel agents, first, here’s a little background on online cruise travel agents and reasons why they are so darn popular.

In general, an online cruise travel agent isn’t a specific person or agent, so to speak, but rather a system that allows you, the potential cruiser, to shop and compare the prices of different cruise lines, search activities and destinations, take virtual tours, browse recommendations and reviews, checkout “Top Ten� lists, in some cases chat online with “agent� and much, much more. Once you have completed the exciting process of selecting your perfect cruise, the system allows the user to book online. The only time you’ll speak with an actual agent is when a travel agent calls to confirm the details of your trip. 99% of the browsing and booking process typically takes place online and through email correspondence.

The vast majority of Internet users opt for online cruise travel agents for 24/7 access to the online cruise travel agent site, the cost to use the site, which totals a whopping “zero,� the incredible savings that can be enjoyed by booking online, to avoid the stress and pressure that many experience through contacting commissioned travel agents and the amazing time-saving benefits. Can you imagine how many hours it would take to book a cruise over the phone if you are in the beginning stages of planning?

With an online cruise travel agent, everything you need is right at your fingertips and most agent sites are so easy to navigate, a 7-year-old could do it. While it is recommended that potential passengers use an online travel agent that specializes in cruises, there are a few top-notch online travel agents that are excellent at helping users find the perfect (and least expensive) cruises.

Below is a list of some of the top online cruise travel agents available today. Cruise Direct Online has been recommended by Frommer’s, Budget MSNBC, CNBC, MSN Money and Travel Magazine. Specializing in luxury travel Find the best deals and sites for cruise travel 100% Internet based, quick quotes Great at sniffing out special rates, last minute cruises, best sales Since 1972, MSNBC ranks in the top 15 Offers best buys, deals of the week and killer Internet specials Last minute cruises, reviews, the skinny on blowout sales Covers all cruise lines and destinations, luxury cruise line specialists, recommended in AOL Cruise Critic Flawless search function, endless amounts of information and deals Great for shopping and comparing, quick and easy.

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