A Few Easy Ways to Stay Safe on a Cruise

The biggest news in the cruise world right now is that of the Royal Caribbean passenger who gained a lifetime ban for herself after posing for a photo on the railing of a ship, seriously endangering herself. While it's obvious to many of us that this is reckless behavior that even the best selfie may not be worth, it's times like this that serve as the perfect moment to remind ourselves of some very simple ways to stay safe on our cruises. Read more [...]

Carnival Announces New Ship for Galveston Port

Texans with dreams of hitting the sea, pay close attention: Carnival Cruises has announced that it will be adding a new ship to their Galveston port! Read on to hear all that we currently know about the new ship! Read more [...]

How to Overcome Your Fears and Enjoy a Cruise

For those that suffer from fears of the ocean, or seasickness, or are simply always jumping to the worst possible solution (we've all seen Titanic...), cruises can seem like a nightmare. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that the cruise-averse can conquer their fears and learn to appreciate the unique travel experience for what it can offer.  Read more [...]

Is Your Cruise Ship Clean? Here’s How to Know for Sure

The cleanliness of your cruise ship might not be something you’d typically concern yourself with when embarking on a vacation but perhaps in addition to checking out the ship’s amenities, you should also review the ship’s Vessel Sanitation Program inspection report. Most common violations won’t kill you but they might make you feel icky and increase the chances that common illnesses could spread more easily among passengers. Back to Basics The Carnival Fantasy failed a federal Centers Read more [...]
cruise ship near port

Behind the Scenes: How Does a Cruise Ship Itinerary Get Put Together?

One of the best things about cruising is how easy it is to visit multiple ports of call without having to unpack your suitcase more than once. It seems so effortless. But is it really? There’s actually a lot that goes on behind the scenes when a cruise ship company plans an itinerary, and that planning starts many months, if not years, in advance. A Delicate Balancing Act A cruise line has to fine tune an itinerary so that all of its priorities are equally and satisfactorily met. That means Read more [...]

How to Manage a Packing Emergency on Your Cruise

Some people are born travelers. They know exactly what to pack, how to pack, and never worry at the end of their trip that everything won’t fit back into the suitcase. And then there are the rest of us. If you’re worried that you’ll have trouble getting everything home from your cruise--whether because of size or weight--here are a few tips to help you manage a last-minute packing emergency as you prepare to disembark from your cruise: 1. Be prepared. When initially packing your suitcase Read more [...]