Pan American Cruise Corporation

Pan American Cruise Corporation markets itself as a recruitment company specializing in cruise line employment. Over the last several years, this company has collected dozens of complaints ranging from a failure to respond to applicant inquiries to collecting application fees and failing to forward job leads. In addition to dozens of complaints, Pan American Cruise Corporation does not provide a phone number and the company does not have a website. Applicants can only reach PACC via snail mail, fax, or email. Again, the company does not provide a phone number for inquiries. Pan American Cruise Corporation’s contact information is as follows:

Pan American Cruise Corporation
269 S. Beverly Drive
P.M.B 1100
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Fax: 310.274.7588
Email: [email protected] (inquiries only)

Pan American Cruise Corporation appears to have a street address, but the address includes a Post Mail Box (P.M.B.). If you do not live in or near Beverly Hills and you cannot check the validity of the street address or visit the office in person, you might want to think twice about sending your personal information and money to sign up with this service.

Fortunately, there are several free avenues you can take to seek out cruise line positions and apply. These are also legitimate avenues that offer real live human resources personnel, phone numbers, legitimate company addresses, and an actual respected presence in the cruise travel industry. When you are ready to apply for a cruise line position, simply visit the cruise lines website, if you have a specific cruise line in mind. You may locate the cruise lines’ OFFICIAL website address by visiting the Ships and Cruises Directory. This website lists all official cruise line contact information. Once you have located the OFFICIAL site address, visit the website and search around for job postings. Most cruise line websites have a career center or job postings page in plain view.

If the cruise line lists job openings, be sure to follow the application procedure to the letter. Applicants that do not follow directions are typically passed over in favor of those that do. If the cruise line does not list job openings on its site, send a polished cover letter and resume to the cruise lines Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department is typically located at the cruise lines headquarters. This information is usually listed on the cruise line website. It is important to include the position you are interested in so that it can be directed to the appropriate department manager.

If you prefer to pay an agency to do the work for you, visit Cruise Ship Jobs online. Here, you can download the 2010 cruise ship employment guide or order the CD Rom; you can read through cruise line profiles; you can find out which ships are hiring and for what positions — and you can even apply for a cruise ship job right online. Again, this site charges a fee for the CD ROM and for “processing” your application. So far, there have been no complaints about this agency, but most legitimate employment agencies and job boards do not charge a “processing fee” to submit your application. The choice is yours!

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