Port of Call Profile: Cozumel

When people think of the Caribbean, Cozumel isn’t always one of the destinations that comes to mind. But this Western Caribbean island offers numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in a local culture that’s been around far longer than any of us can imagine. Welcome to Cozumel!

Where in the World? This small island of less than 200 square miles sits about 50 miles off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The largest city is San Miguel de Cozumel with a population of about 77,000 people.

What’s It Like There? Cozumel is relatively flat, and well-known for its expansive growth of mangroves. The dry season lasts from February to April; May to December are pretty rainy, with early fall being the rainiest. The average highs fluctuate seasonally, from the low 80s (F) in winter to the low 90s (F) in summer.

What is There to Do? The economy here is highly reliant on tourism. Visitors are likely to find a variety of beaches; water activities like boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving; restaurants; and cultural sites to tour.

Notable Excursions:

  • Isla Pasion (Passion Beach): Beach-goers enjoy full amenities at this private beach club, from a buffet spread with Mexican dishes to surf-side drink service, lounge chairs and umbrellas. Guests can take nature walks, start a pick-up game of ball, make use of free beach gear like kayaks, and do a little light shopping with local vendors. This location is highly rated by cruise ship visitors for its cleanliness and attentive service.
  • San Gervasio Mayan Archaeological Site: Get a glimpse of how the first residents of the island lived on this tour of San Gervasio, which includes the remains of a Mayan temple. On a guided walking tour you’ll also see some of the native plants and animals unique to Cozumel, too.
  • Plaza del Sol: If you want to venture a little beyond the shopping plaza where the cruise ship docks, this tree-lined shopping area in San Miguel hosts vendors selling genuine handicrafts, locally made. Browse for textiles, leather, silver, ceramics, artwork, and wooden items.
  • A Cozumel food tour: Sample the best and most authentic dishes, such as seafood, tacos, empanadas, and pastries, paired with agua fresca and cervezas. Learn more about the regional culinary influences of the Caribbean and Yucatan peoples, and how you can recreate these dishes at home.
  • Catamaran tour: See the best of Cozumel by water on an exciting boat tour of the island. Most excursions include the opportunity to try snorkeling, and also offer guests light local snacks and drinks.

Explore Cozumel from the comfort of your home before your trip, through Mexico’s tourism website and your favorite travel review websites.

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