Raw Food, Vegan Cruises and Vegan-Friendly Cruises!

Are you looking for a raw food or vegan cruise? Sticking to a diet is a a hard thing to do. Temptation is everywhere, and this is never more apparent than when on a vacation. Things are far more simple when you’re at home and cooking for yourself; when you’re on a vacation, options are limited. Cruises are no exception to this, and are perhaps even harder than a normal vacation. When you’re stuck on a ship, you only have the dining options that are on-board, making it imperative to choose a voyage that can accommodate your dietary needs. Here, we break down a few things that vegan travelers can look out for when booking a cruise.

Vegan Menus

While not every cruise line offers fully-vegan cruises (we’ll get to that in a second!), there are a ton of ships out there right now that offer vegan menus at their on-board restaurants. SeaDream Yacht Club has featured a “raw food” vegan menu since 2012, focusing on healthy, uncooked dishes that don’t have any animal products. Costa Cruises also have a vegan menu option with tons of delicious-looking pastas and desserts. Silversea Cruises also have a variety of options for vegan passengers, but hey, it’s Silversea, so you can also go ahead and request personalized dining options if that’s your thing.

In addition to these cruises, the growing number of vegans taking cruises has pushed some cruise lines to add vegan menus just this year. Royal Caribbean, as announced on August 1st, will be adding vegan menus across their entire fleet. That’s big news when considering the fact that Royal Caribbean is one of the absolute largest cruise lines in the world! In addition to that, Oceania and Regent both added vegan menus to their cruises this year, featuring 200 options like Impossible Burgers, vegan mac-and-cheese and vegan ice cream.

Vegan Cruises

Beyond just having some vegan dining options, there are a few cruises that cater specifically to vegans. The aptly named Vegan Cruises features not only vegan food but vegan toiletries, making them a great option for any vegan traveler who extends the lifestyle beyond the food they eat. A luxury company under the name of Vegan Culinary Cruises plans to set sail across the Mekong River for a week long trip that is dedicated to bringing an experience that is accepting of both vegan and LGBTQ identities, something that is definitely unique and definitely cool. Vegan Culinary Cruises also has another trip planned for 2020 that cuts across the Rhone. Their ships are pretty small, so definitely check them out now if they sound like something that would be a good fit for you!

While these options are great, it’s an even better sign for vegan travelers that major cruise lines are starting to realize the importance of offering vegan menu items. Going forward, we can only hope that more and more companies start to cater towards people with special and alternative diets!

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