Repositioning Cruises: Who Can Take Them?

Repositioning cruises are often overlooked as a vacation possibility. To an extent, this makes sense, as they are somewhat difficult to arrange. As we explained in our article about the basics of repositioning cruises, they tend to take longer than a regular cruise, and they are also one-way, so you end up far away from your port of embarkation, necessitating a long flight home (if you need to go home). Both characteristics of repositioning cruises nullify their viability for the majority of regular cruisers, which caused us to wonder exactly who can take a repositioning cruises. They are a bit complicated, so what type of person is even in a position to take one?

To begin, a person generally must have considerable scheduling flexibility to take a repositioing cruise. They tend to take at least two or three weeks, and some of the longer trips (from, say, a remote European port to somewhere in the southern Caribbean, with a few stops in between) can take up to a month. So, if you have a relatively rigid work schedule or consistent obligations at home, it might be hard to get away for the amount of time required for a repositioning voyage. The fact that you’ll have to find a way home after the cruise only prolongs the experience, which brings us to our next point.

Given that you start from one region of the globe and end up in another, those who take repositioning cruises often do so as part of a larger travel agenda. After all, they function as one-way tickets, so on a basic level they don’t differ from any other mode of transportation you might take when on an extended vacation with multiple stops. They are therefore popular among retirees, many of whom travel for significant periods of the year, but anybody who is taking a long journey could utilize them. Instead of taking a flight to Europe before a trip that will encompass more of the globe, for example, you might simply take a cruise that is repositioning itself in the Mediterranean for the coming season. You get to the same destination, but the travel method happens to be a relaxing cruise across the Atlantic, not a long flight that leaves you jet lagged.

Clearly there are a few hurdles to taking a repositioning cruise, but at least some people can capitalize on them. You need flexibility, and it helps if you utilize a repositioning cruise as part of some larger vacation. In any case, though, you can find some great deals for repositioning cruises, so if they are at all a live option, definitely don’t overlook them when considering future cruise vacations.

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