Rhine River Cruises

Whether you set sail from Copenhagen, Istanbul or Rome, a European cruise is one of the most exciting cruises on the market today. You’ll sail the seas of southern or northern Europe aboard a cruise line that suits your tastes ranging from American or European to luxury or alternative. A European cruise will take you to the Canary Islands, Greece, Turkey, Russia, the UK, Scandinavia and more. The Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean are all a part of the European cruise menu. So there’s no shortage of exciting places to explore on a regular cruise. If you want to take your European cruise a step or two further, and you want to delve deeper into European culture, try a European river cruise.

There are many different types of European river cruises available today with varying lengths, themes, and types of vessels. Some of the most popular European river cruises include: Rhine River cruises, Danube River cruises, Saone River Cruises, Mosel River cruises, and Elbe River cruises, to name a few.

Rhine River cruises may very well be the most popular European river cruises on the market today. Also known as the “Rhein River,” Rhine River cruises will take you through waterways such as lakes and rivers where larger cruise ships simply cannot go due to their size. While you are on a Rhine River cruise, you will have the opportunity to visit numerous European river ports where you will walk through medieval towns, explore 11th century cathedrals, and visit places where you will see works by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

Your Rhine River cruise may take you to France’s Alsace region or Bamberg, Germany. You may also visit Switzerland’s second largest city, Basel, or river ports in Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, and Passau.

There are many different Rhine River cruise lengths, cruise lines, and quality types to choose from as well as cruise itineraries. Some of the top European River cruise and tour companies include: CIE Tours, Deilmann, Viking River Cruises, Brendan Worldwide Vacations, Globus, Trafalgar, Uniworld River Cruises, Tauck Cruises, Collette Vacations, and Gate 1 Travel. Cruises range anywhere from seven to up to 30 days. You can opt for a 10-day, 14-day or even a 19-day river cruise with either deluxe, first class, luxury or budget accommodations. Just a few of the different voyages include: Trier to Dusseldorf, Basel to Amsterdam, Zurich to Amsterdam and names such as “Legendary Waterways of Europe,” “Dutch Dreams,” “Romantic Rhine,” and “Castles Along the Rhine.”

Depending on a variety of factors such as cruise line, type of cruise, season, class, destination, and length of cruise, a Rhine River cruise can cost anywhere from $1,500 for a 7-day cruise up to $7,000 or more for a 30 day cruise.

A Rhine River cruise may be part of a longer cruise itinerary or it may stand on its own. In some cases, a Rhine River cruise that’s part of a longer cruise itinerary may also include hotel stays. In these cases, you may enjoy savings up to 40%. If you are interested in booking a Rhine River cruise, visit any of the cruise lines or tour companies listed above or you can visit VacationsToGo.com to browse through a wide variety of Rhine River cruise offerings along with just about any discount, promotion or deal available. You can also contact your local cruise travel agent.

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