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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines official site is chock-full information about everything potential passengers need to know about Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and more. On the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines official site you can expect to find a history of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, a list of awards and accomplishments, brochure ordering information, a guide to cruising, a deals and gifts section, information about the Crown & Anchor Society, customer support, news, and everything you need to plan and book a Royal Caribbean cruise online. After reading all about Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines below, visit the official website if you are ready to book a cruise or if you still want to find out more about one of America’s most adventurous cruise lines!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is by far one of the most versatile cruise lines in the world. With ships varying in size from mid-size to mega-size, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has the perfect cruise whether you’re a family looking for fun, couples looking for romance, or groups looking for over-the-top entertainment, a large selection of onboard activities or a wide variety of shore excursions. Canoeing, deep sea fishing, hiking through rainforests, shopping, land or landmark tours, scuba diving, and cave exploration are just a few of the many tours and activities passengers will enjoy on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCL) is the second largest cruise line in the world featuring more than 120 destinations worldwide with more than 140 ports of call. Established in 1968, Royal Caribbean Cruises is also one of the most trusted names in the cruise line industry today. The Royal Caribbean Cruise International fleet features a variety of vessels including: Freedom of the Seas, the Voyager Family, the Radiance Family, the Vision Family, the Sovereign Family, and Empress of the Seas.

Freedom of the Seas, the latest addition the Royal Caribbean family, is the largest in the fleet with a maximum capacity of 3,634 passengers. Freedom of the Seas is perfect for passengers interested in a wide variety of activities. Passengers can enjoy a day spa, rock climbing, ice-skating, a fitness center, and a full-service casino as well as Wi-Fi services and flat screen TV’s in every stateroom. Just a few of Royal Caribbean Cruises exciting destinations include: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Jamaica and Hispaniola, to name a few.

For those interested in nightlife, the Voyager Family — Adventure of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, and Voyager of the Seas feature the most in the way of pubs, promenades, restaurants and nightclubs. These ships travel the waters of the Eastern, Southern and Western Caribbean, as well as Bermuda, the Mediterranean, and Transatlantic voyages. Nightlife lovers will also enjoy RCL’s Vision Family. The Vision Family includes: Enchantment of the Sea, Grandeur of the Sea, Legend of the Sea, Rhapsody of the Sea, Splendor of the Sea and Vision of the Sea. Passengers will enjoy lounges and bars galore, and non-stop nightclubs at night and mini-golf, and beautiful spas for relaxation during the day. The Vision Family sails to Alaska, Belize, Costa Maya, the Greek Isles, Iberia, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, and anywhere in the Caribbean.

Whether you’re interested in touring Barcelona or Istanbul, Scandinavia or Russia or the Greek Isles, Venice or the Hawaiian Islands, the Radiance Family was built to suit some of the most extravagant tastes. The Radiance Family ships include: Brilliance of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas and Serenade of the Seas. Each vessel features glass walls and elevators offering guests a front seat to all the beauty the sea has to offer. Glass solariums, day spas, a country club and adventure programs for kids are just a few amenities the Radiance Family has to offer.

Great for couples and families alike, the Sovereign Family includes three ships: Majesty of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas and Sovereign of the Sea. Sovereign ships feature complimentary adventure programs for kids along with great restaurants and casinos as well as a nightclubs and large outdoor pools. These vessels can hold anywhere from 2,700-2,850 passengers and destinations range from Baja Mexico to the Bahamas. The Sovereign Family is also extremely popular for holiday cruises.

Couples looking for a little romance should consider Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas. With a maximum capacity of 2,020 guests, the Empress is the smallest and most intimate ship in the fleet. The facilities include: a day spa, a world-class fitness center, a romantic Italian restaurant called “Portofino,” and a Latin themed lounge called “Boleros.” Ports of call are located throughout the Caribbean and Bermuda and cruises range anywhere from 3-11 nights.

Royal Caribbean Cruises include: meals, accommodations, snacks, access to fitness centers, entertainment and 24-hour room service. Keep in mind that the price does not include tips. In general, guests should tip the stateroom attendant, suite attendant, dining room waiter, assistant waiter and the headwaiter. Guests should also figure port charges and excursions into their budget as well.

Prices for Royal Caribbean cruises vary greatly and depend on a wide variety of factors. Destination, ship size, ports of call, type of accommodations and time of year will determine how much or how less you will spend on your Royal Caribbean cruise. Typically, deluxe suites and rooms with balconies or ocean views cost more, with interior rooms costing considerably less.

The best deals are typically offered in January, September-December and late spring. Prices may range anywhere from $400 up to $5,400. The higher prices are usually for deluxe accommodations aboard any of the ships in the Radiance Family. If your interests lean more towards excursions rather than ship activities, it’s best to select and purchase your excursions online far in advance as tours tend to fill quickly. In general, you have 10 days prior to departure to purchase excursions online; otherwise you’ll have to purchase them on the ship or with a tour director, if available.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines official website address is: www.royalcaribbean.com.

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  1. Irene Herndon

    I took my 1st and probably my last cruise with RC, Grandeur of the Seas, 5-14- Sep 2019. Due to pending storm Dorian, Amtrac cancelled all trains which included the one we (me and my travelmate Anita Adcock) had booked from Fay, NC to Baltimore, MD. After many calls we both consistently were advised to be at the dock NLT 5:00 or they would sail without us. I95 road traffic was to be terrible because of the mandatory evacuations in areas from Jacksonville, FL through Charleston, SC and even flights were cancelled, athough we were able to get a 6:05am flight on Sept 5 which cost us 3 times the amount we would have paid for the train. All flights later were cancelled. However, RC kept telling us repeatedly that all was going according to plan. When we finally arrived at the dock and checked in, we ended up being held there on the ship from 5:00 pm on 9/5 through mid-morning of 9/7 before we ever set sail. During this period of time we could only view the I95 traffic and the not so-lovely docks of Baltimore. To make matters worse, 2 of our excursions (Boston & St. John) that were our priority to visit were cancelled. Our money was refunded but it all started our cruise off on the wrong foot, and other excursions ended up being shortened, to the point that we could not really enjoy them: Halifax Nova Scotia, the visit to the gravesites of the Titanic victims and Peggy’s Cove was to be 31/2 hrs but we had to run to the graves and at the Cove we had less than 30 minutes. This whole ordeal was NOT what we signed up for and not acceptable under any circumstances. We even heard that the delays and cancellations were due not because of the pending storm (which never happened) but because of mechanical problems (same ship that on the last cruise, was turned back to port because of same problems and ended up being cancelled). In spite of the awful beginning, the staff on board, as well as the meals, lodging and entertainment were excellent. However, we both feel that we should be somehow compensated for what we had to suffer on the front end of the trip. I called earlier and spoke with Earnest who said all he could offer would be a bottle of wine or RC towel on our next cruise for all the issues we had encountered, to include the extra last-minute cost for the airline ticket vs train ticket! That was like a slap in the face for all the inconvenience and costs we both endured just to get to the ship, in addition to the delays and cancellations of the excursions, and in addition, I feel that in some instances, we were even lied to and not treated right by the folks we dealt with on the telephone each time we called to verify if the cruise had been cancelled. All in all, at this point I cannot recommend RC to anyone – certainly if all I can be offered in compensation is a bottle of wine or a towel! My Booking # was 713787 and Room was 7023. Thank you for hearing my frustrations regarding this matter.

  2. Joe Hardison

    My wife and I have cruised over 50 times, at least 10 with RCI. Even with our limited computer skills we usually get our set sail pas or equivalent in about 30-45 minutes. Yesterday it took over 5 hours for our upcoming 11-24 cruise on the Harmony. Whatever you have done to your system is not satisfactory to those of us who are in our 80’s and are not computer gurus.

  3. Lucinda Martin

    Do the rooms on the Navagaitor have blow dryers for your hair

  4. I’m having trouble getting into Royalcaribbean.com site. I would like to check out the offers,ships, and ports. I never had trouble before!

  5. Louise Liedke

    A map of the lay out of the ship would have been helpful. Having a layout of the ship on each floor helped, but did not give directions to sites on other decks. Can’t believe this wasn’t provided with each cabin. I never knew if I was supposed to go aft or forward.
    Walked over 16 miles in first 3 days. Lost my way a lot.
    Wait time for elevators was always long.
    While the show were well staged and the talent was exceptional, as were the special effects, it was hard to hear the lyrics as the music was too loud. The dancing was too avant- guard. Disappointed in all 3 shows. Definitely geared to younger crowd. Felt like something out of Hunger Games.
    Lack of movies or other shows on TV. Dougie Hauser, really? Old Marilyn Monroe movie, and Hill Street Blues….can’t you provide something more recent?
    Lack of weather forecast for destination.

  6. Robert Perlow

    Hi…my name is Robert Perlow and I was an enrichment lecturer on the April 19 cruise on the Vision leaving out of Galveston…..I was in Cabin 2534 for the cruise and left an important Flash Drive in the cabin safe. Could you please let me know if it was found?

    Thank You

    Robert Perlow

  7. Norman Haigh

    I need someone to contact me to discuss the overcharges on a cruise I have just been on. For some reason I have been charged twice for everything. I am over 1300 dollars out. Please contact me urgently.

  8. peg

    We left to go on a cruise for 5 days in Feb 2015 on Brillance of the sea. When we got there after 2 days of traveling we were told our cruise was delayed bc of fog. We all understood that. So after 2 days they decide the cruise was cancelled. The people on the ship were treated great. Free drinks….free anything! Now the ones on ground got refunded on this cruise but only a 25% refund on the room, not for each of us in the room for a new cruise.. Did not cover the 2 nights and food while waiting on the cruise not even to mention we had to spend money to entertain ourselves. So my thought is there are a lot of cruise lines out there choose another one. And take out the $50 travel insurance it is worth it.

  9. Debra Dinan

    I have been trying to get through to the Club Royale phone # provided on the special mailing I received. I have a couple of questions that need attention & I would like to speak to someone in charge of that dept. I have been trying all day, several times, with no success. Just the SAME messages over & over again!!

    Debbie Dinan

    P.S. I am sorry, but I cannot find my Club Royale card to provide my number.



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