Sail on a Luxury Small-Vessel Cruise with SeaDream Yacht Club

If you want to cruise in a way that’s exquisite and exclusive, consider sailing with SeaDream Yacht Club. The SeaDream company says that experiences aboard its vessels are “yachting not cruising,” so you’ll surely enjoy the difference in services and amenities. What are the differences, exactly? Read on to find out.

The SeaDream Difference

SeaDream cruises are reserved to just 112 guests and they feature a 95-person award-winning crew. All crew members are dedicated to ensuring that travelers’ every need is attended to, which is just part of what makes a sailing trip with SeaDream so special.

A SeaDream cruise takes place on an elegant, luxury “mega-yacht” that offers high levels of features and services. If you want to be truly pampered on a cruise, consider sailing with SeaDream. The line provides plenty of opportunities for passengers to keep as busy as they want or luxuriate with all the time in the world to rest. You determine exactly the cruise you want to have when you sail with SeaDream.

The Itineraries

You can sail SeaDream luxury yachts to many ports and harbors around the globe, and you’ll be able to travel to places that are exclusive and intimate because SeaDream vessels fit where most large cruise ships don’t. On a SeaDream yacht adventure, you might visit the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Costa Rica via the Panama Canal, or even Asia.

Activities and Lifestyle

Attention to detail is what SeaDream service is all about, so you can expect nearly all your whims to be catered to in terms of what you want to do, feel, and see on your cruise with the line. Onboard your yacht, you’ll have impeccable guest rooms to relax in, world-class cuisine for every meal, spa treatments so you can recharge and renew, and a glittering pool that was a must-have for the line, even on ships that are much smaller than most.

Play golf in a golf simulator, sit down to wine with friends, and venture off ship to enjoy mountain biking or sunning in some of the many extraordinary ports of call you’ll visit.

To find out more about what you can expect on a SeaDream cruise, visit the SeaDream website. You’ll be able to book cruises directly from the website as well.

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