Sailboat Cruises

There are places that most big boats just can’t go—so it’s up to the sailboats and smaller yachts to take control. Whether your cruising Greece or China, San Juan or Spain, you can’t get any closer to the ocean, the shoreline or the natural environment than you can on a sailboat cruise.

Depending on the destination, there are many different types of sailboat cruises to choose from. The list is virtually endless. Sailboat enthusiasts and sightseers can charter a sailboat or a yacht, with or without a skipper. You can also book a sailboat cruise with one of the many tour companies offering guided tours on yachts, sailboats or catamarans.

Sailboat tours can last anywhere from a half day up to several days and the list of activities offered by sailboat cruises is endless. Guests can sail around to many different islands in one day, swim in clear waters just off a sandy beach or snorkel in a private area. Adventurous types can sail through an isolated cove or explore a local lighthouse that can be reached via a short dinghy ride.

In places like Greece or France guests can rent small sailboats that are tiny enough to sail right up to a waterfront café or a variety of live entertainment venues. So passengers can dance the night away and sail away as the sun rises. Yes, guests can customize their own sailboat cruise.

Depending on the type sailboat and the destination, other offerings and accommodations may be available such as breakfast, lunch and/or dinner onboard, sleeping accommodations for small groups or larger groups up to 8, 10 or even 12 guests or more. Larger groups, of course, will have to opt for a larger sailboat or yacht. Private sailboat cruises are also available for couples interested in a romantic sail for anniversaries, honeymoons or just “because.�

If guests aboard sailboat cruises would prefer to sail the larger boats themselves, in some cases, following a lesson or two, they will have to sail under the guidance of a captain—especially in other countries or far away islands where unfamiliar waters may be challenging to navigate. If guests decide not to sail themselves, they can instead enjoy sunning on deck or sightseeing while the captain does all of the driving.

If you’re interested in booking a sailboat cruise and you already have your times, dates and destination in mind, it’s best to begin your search for the perfect sailboat cruise through a cruise travel agent. Cruise travel agents will know how to locate the most reputable and most popular sailboat companies in just about every location. Keep in mind that prices vary greatly depending on location, vessel size, length of cruise and number of passengers.

Happy Sailing!

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