Should You Go on a Caribbean Cruise?

When most people think of cruises, they think of the Caribbean. But Caribbean cruises aren’t right for everyone. While they are undoubtedly fun and a solid option if you are new to travelling via cruise ship, there are types of people who will enjoy other kinds of itineraries. Here’s a quick look at the reasons why you should go on a Caribbean cruise… as well as the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Why you should go to the Caribbean

Listen, we’re not gonna sugarcoat it: there are a myriad of reasons to cruise to the Caribbean. Perhaps the first and foremost reason is that it is a tried and true location. Every cruise line has sailed to the Caribbean thousands of times, and they have gotten the experience down to a science. You can feel confident that your Caribbean cruise will be incredibly smooth and successful. Caribbean cruises are also generally incredibly cheap.

They’re very popular, and this allows cruise lines to offer Caribbean itineraries at very low prices. Another thing that we like about Caribbean cruises is that they can be very quick or quite long depending on how much time you have. Do you just have a three day weekend off of work? A quick trip to the beaches of St. Thomas can be arranged. If you have a longer vacation period set aside, you can tour multiple islands and spend lots of time relaxing.

Finally, and this goes without saying: the Caribbean is a beautiful area. No, those pictures you’ve seen aren’t lying. Clear water, glittering sandy beaches, and warm sunlight are the name of the game. Honestly, that’s probably enough to convince most of you that the Caribbean is a worthy destination.

Why you shouldn’t go to the Caribbean

There are plenty of reasons to go on a Caribbean vacation. With that said, wary travelers may want to consider the following points. First of all, Caribbean cruises are popular. Like, really popular. If you want a calm and secluded experience, you will definitely want to look elsewhere. The ship will be packed, the beaches will be packed, and the shore excursions will be packed.

Additionally, Caribbean cruises tend to feel relatively routine. Going to one beach versus going to another will likely be very similar. Your days will be spent playing in the water and tanning in the sun. If multiple days of that is your dream vacation, you’re probably sold. If you need some more variety to get you excited, it may be best to book a different trip.

The final reason you might want to avoid a Caribbean cruise is that there are simply so many other cruise destinations that are more unique. The Caribbean is synonymous with cruises, and you can subvert the typical cruise experience by going somewhere else. If you’re someone who likes to take the pass less traveled, consider going somewhere else like Alaska or even Asia.

The verdict

In the end, the decision of where to take a trip is completely up to you. If a Caribbean cruise is what your heart desires, go for it! If you feel in your gut that you’d rather go somewhere else, though, don’t just follow the crowds. Forge your own path instead.

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