Singles Cruises: The Greatest Thing About Singles Cruises

The dating scene can be many things. It can be exciting, discouraging, enjoyable, and depressing, and somehow it can be all these things at once. It can also be profoundly awkward, not least when a single spends the better part of a night relentlessly pursuing someone who is already in a relationship. That the world of dating as it exists on solid ground makes this situation even possible reveals the principle appeal of singles cruises: the relationship status of everyone on board the ship is automatically known. As far as we’re concerned, this is the greatest thing about singles cruises.

Obviously, there are many things to like about singles cruises simply by virtue of them being cruises. Cruises are themselves great, so it stands to reason that a singles cruise would also be great. With a singles cruise, as with a regular cruise, you get to explore distant lands, sail on a luxurious ship with extrodinary dining and entertainment possibilities, and so on. A singles cruise doesn’t lose its appeal as a cruise just because it is packed with singles. Indeed, many say that this enhances the cruise experience, and of course this is another reason why people are attracted to singles cruises. There are few places on earth with a larger concentration of singles than a singles cruise.

But neither of the facts listed so far relate only to singles cruises, so they can’t properly be said to be the greatest thing about a singles cruise in particular. You can enjoy the experience of a cruise by, well, taking a cruise, and it’s not like singles are only available on singles cruises. What is highly unique and appealing about singles cruises is this: it is crystal clear what the relationship status of everyone on board the ship is. There is no guessing, no awkward attempts to bring up the subject when it may or may not be appropriate, no less-than-subtle attempts to look at someone’s ring finger (and of course even this is far from a fool-proof method; many people are seeing someone and are therefore unavailable, but are not married or engaged with a ring that advertises this fact).

Perhaps you think it’s not all that hard to decipher someone’s relationship status, and in many cases you would be right. Sometimes it is obvious that someone is single. But the point is that this isn’t always the case, and when you misinterpret someone’s relationship status, whole nights of charming conversation and shared laughs can come crashing down upon you. Knowing that everyone on a singles cruise is single not only enables encounters, but also prevents disasters. Moreover, even if you are able to determine one individual’s relationship status at, say, a party or bar, what are the odds that you can immediately tell the relationship status of everybody present instantanously? It’s not possible.

So, singles cruises are great for many reasons. They are cruises and they are loaded with singles, both positives in the eyes of many, but the greatest thing about singles cruises is that everyone knows one crucial fact about everybody else – they are all single. This both encourages fruitful interactions and wards off social catastrophy. What more could you hope for?

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