Singles Cruises: What are Some Examples of Singles Cruises?

There are lots of singles, and there are lots of cruises, so there are also lots of singles cruises. A singles cruise? What’s that? It’s a cruise for singles, or a single’s cruise, as we explained in a recent article about cruising for singles (pun intended). We have explained what singles cruises are (see previous link), written about where you can go on a singles cruise, and listed the cruise lines that offer singles cruises, but sometimes the best way to understand something is through example. So, in this article we offer a few examples of singles cruises.

While there are many singles cruises each year, they definitely aren’t offered all the time (unlike regular cruise vacations), and moreover they depart from different parts of the world, so if you want to take a singles cruise, you should be up on the singles cruise schedule (available at websites like There are around 20 or so offered every year – they are fairly well spread throughout the year, although there appear on average to be fewer in October and March (perhaps because these are transitional months, seasonally speaking, and the vacation industry is all about seasons).

The majority of singles cruises depart from Florida (particularly Miami), probably because there are so many popular ports in the state, although singles cruises also depart from New York, Seattle, Barcelona, and San Juan. (We were able to find one singles cruise that departs from each of these locations, with the exception of New York, from where two singles cruises depart.)

Singles cruise vary in length, although they tend to be about a week long. The shortest singles cruise currently out there, called the “Early Summer Sizzle Singles Cruise,” lasts only four days. This cruise, which is offered through Carnival (as are most singles cruises), leaves from Miami, goes by Key West the next day, and then arrives to Cozumel the day after. This is followed by an entire day at sea, and then the ship returns back to Miami the next morning. The longest singles cruise lasts for eight days, and there were several of these. For example, there is an eight-day “Halloween Bash” that goes to the Caribbean at the end of October, and then early the next month there is an “Over 40” cruise that also goes to the Caribbean. These cruises are both offered by Carnival, and although they sail to the same part of the world, they have different itineraries. Not all singles cruises go to the Caribbean or thereabout – there is a seven-day voyage to Alaska that departs from Seattle in August, for example – but a large portion of them do. This is the most popular place in the world for cruises, singles or otherwise.

Examples of singles cruises are basically examples of regular cruises. Singles cruises are just like regular cruises – both leave from the same ports, travel to the same destinations, last for the same amount of time, and so on – but the former simply caters to a precise demographic.

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