Singles Cruises

So what’s the big deal about singles cruises? Isn’t a singles cruise just a floating meat market? Not at all!

Imagine a balmy evening as the sea breeze breathes through your hair and the stars twinkle like tiny diamonds in a sky that seems to go on forever. Waves lap tenderly at the hull as the faint sounds of music and laughter drift upwards from the decks below. You are on a singles cruise. You could be alone. Or seeking romance. You could be a senior spending time with your peers. Or a practicing Christian seeking the spiritual comfort of like-minded souls. You could even be a biker revving up your social life on a motorcycle cruise. Basically, you’re doing whatever floats your boat.

Singles cruises, it seems, come in all shapes, sizes and shades and can take you to a calypso carnival in the Caribbean, a sojourn in South America, an adventure in Alaska, and anyplace in between. Where you go is up to you, and so is the price you pay. Simply type “singles cruises” into the search engine of your favorite browser and then pick a comparison site for cruise costs that can range from $499 for seven nights in the Caribbean, through $529 for 10 nights in Hawaii to $699 for seven nights in Alaska.

Some online cruise sites will even act as a matchmaker for those of you who want a romantic encounter. There are links to message boards and online dating agencies. You can meet online or meet on board (MOB). Some sites even offer hosted cruises that can handpick the perfect roommate to help cut costs or match you with the perfect soulmate to put the wind back in your sails and make everything in your life shipshape.

The choice, then, is yours. Travel alone with an itinerary arranged to keep you busy; hook up with like-minded singles for a spiritual retreat or swing dancing; join your fellow hog riders and pig out on great food and gas fumes; or surrender yourself to Cupid’s arrow and experience the excitement of creating your personal love boat.

One last thing to remember if you do choose the romantic cruise: It’s always a good idea to pack the Dramamine. Because the point of this singles cruise is to get lovesick and not seasick.

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